Monday , July 4 2022

There is also a lot of Cyber ​​Monday or Cyber ​​Monday


(CNN) – It makes old sounds, but Cyber ​​Monday or Cyber ​​Monday still exists.

This online sales day was invented in retail stores on the Internet the first days.

Cyber ​​Monday 2018 is expected to be the largest commercial day trade in history.

It was sensible for people to have a slower mobile phone connection at home and work faster. In addition, everyone was tired of being worried about Mallorca.

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Now, of course, we make a lot of shopping online and with the help of apps, whenever we want. And there's a big difference in online and physical stores. Although Amazon has invented shopping, it has its own shop store.

But this has not doubled sales betting companies this Monday.

Cyber ​​Monday 2018 will be the largest trading day in the history and will be $ 7.8 million for sales, 17% more than last year, according to Adobe Analytics. line

The Gap, now a problem, offers a 50% discount on all its products, plus 10% extra, online specials and free deliveries. Kohl offers a 20% discount on its products on Saturday, Saturday and Wednesday, November 28th, called Cyber ​​Week or Cyber ​​Week. You can also get the buyer $ 15 for Kohl for $ 50 per employee.

Best Buy offers many discounts for electronics, such as Microsoft Xbox consoles, Samsung Galaxy phones and 4K Blu Ray players.

In the initial bids for the day, Target offers a 15% discount on orders made every Monday.

JCPenney offers an additional 100% discount for more than $ 100.

Walmart will offer discounts, such as phones, laptops and video game systems. Amazon offers several discounts until December 1.

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