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They find methods that allow smokers to quit smoking


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(Caracas, November 25. News24)Imagery for people who are sick or unpleasant for an individual who smokes may harm the smoker to get rid of this habit., according to a research published this week in the Consumer News Bulletin.

In the experiment, researchers from the University of Western Ontario (Canada) will replace illustrations of harmful effects of body tobacco that appear in cigar packets, through face-to-face images.

In the study, there were 156 smokers with the same motto ("Smokers see & # 39;"), but with different illustrations. In the first case, the cigar pack was illustrated by the image of people with a facial nebula, and in the second, the people were disgusting.

The experiment shows that after seeing the second image, he was ashamed of aspiring and quitting smoking.

However, The authors of the work emphasize that this method is not completely ethical because it can create an indispensable stress to quit smoking. That's why more studies are needed.

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