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Today's horoscope, Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | Lights | Social life


Discover what stars are in love and work, according to the zodiac signs. As usual, we share it here horoscope today This is what your sign says on Wednesday, November 21.

(March 21 to April 20)
Work and business: must overcome the problems of others and overcome delays. It is advisable to set the limit. Love: communication improves and confusion disappears. Harmony returns

(April 21 to May 20)
Jobs and Businesses: others must have your application in advance. They will understand Love: your partner is healthy to listen to your heart afterwards.

Jobs and Businesses: An accusation prepares your defense because it deserves your career. He will win Love: face to face you can not miss another encounter at the beginning of romanticism.

Work and business: excessive promotion. Their views are in crisis and convictions fail. Love: the change of the couple will be a reason for future plans.

(July 24-August23)
Work and business: concentrate on achieving your goals and dispersing and isolating everything. It will have keys. Love: from an ordinary meeting, an unforgettable romantic experience will emerge.

(August 24-September.23)
Work and business: information for errors that do not reach time. You need to reformulate the plans. Love: indifference will create uncomfortable situations; Your partner will make claims.

(September 24 to October 22)
Work and business: the creative way of managing interests will increase the income. Love: it will be a gentle friction in the journey and romance will start again.

Work and business: the situation is complex with the environment. It is not coincidence that it is now being created. Love: the couple will have an active job of renewing intimacy; they will get it.

Work and business: the message that appears in error reveals the pending data for the problems. Love: you expect at least one chance to imagine; At first glance frustrated.

(December 22-Jan 20)
Jobs and Business: the events question their conservative look. It is advisable to act incorrectly. Love: You will find an unforgettable romantic encounter.

(Jan. 21-Feb19)
Work and business: there are ups and downs in new businesses. Do not hurry; Rate results. Love: your inner world will touch you with a sharp gift from your partner.

Jobs and businesses: attitudes always make positive results. You have to control your fears. Love: Past couples stimulate and attract your heart, but be careful.

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