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UEFA Sergio Ramos has eliminated two games

UEFA will face Real Madrid against the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid. At the Ajax stadium in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on February 13.

At the end of the game, the Spanish athletes acknowledged the press conference He forced his love Minute 88

Later, Ramos explained in his Twitter accounts that he did not seek this punishment, but his plan was a mistake. "I want to clarify this It kills over anyoneI did not force a card, I did not play against me against the previous Champions League, "he said.

UEFA opens the case against the captain of Real Madrid on February 26 and has imposed a criminal act, because his conduct violates Article 15 of the Disciplinary Regulation of this body.

In this way, Sergio Ramos will not be able to play for the second lap against Ajax in the 5th place of Santiago Bernabéu and Real Madrid will play the next Champions League.

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