Monday , January 25 2021

Unleash! Kim Kardashian talks about her famous sex video

The first time the world heard about Kim Kardashian as something more than the Paris Hilton's friend and assistant was there in 2003, when her intimate video was recorded that she had recorded with her then boyfriend, Ray J. Since then it has been talked about Much about that tape and its leak, which many attribute to a deliberate maneuver of Kris Jenner – the matriarch of the mediatic clan that heads the star – to get her out of the shadow of the rich heiress blonde, but now her own protagonist has been in charge of offering New details on how the idea arose to record it.

In summary, it was one of the two terrible decisions he made throughout his life after consuming a very specific drug that, after learning the lesson, has not touched again.

"I married up into ecstasy. That was the first time: I took ecstasy and ended up marrying me. I took it only once more, and I did a sex video. It's as if anything terrible that could happen would happen to me when I take it, "revealed the celebrity in the last episode of the family reality – her favorite space to make such confessions – during a conversation with her former brother-in-law Scott Disick and her younger sister Kendall Jenner about his wild past and his first and brief marriage to producer Damon Thomas.

"Everybody knows it," he added after realizing the surprise face of both. "The jaw did not stop shivering during the entire recording."

The reaction of both Kendall and Scott would be explained in part because every time someone tries to refer to that infamous video to discredit Kim Kardashian or criticize his status as a pioneer of the type of celebrities' famous for the mere fact of being famous', she tends to defend herself, claiming that a single mistake should not be defined forever and that today has become a good example for the new generations, such as a self-made businesswoman and a woman who does not consume drugs – not It costs to imagine why – and barely drinks.

That does not mean, however, that he does not know how to loosen his hair occasionally if the occasion deserves it, as he has been instructed to explain in a separate interview during the same chapter of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians': "The truth is that Kendall has no idea, but the real truth is that I went through a very rebellious phase in the last years of adolescence. I am not like that, but I do not get confused. I still know how to have fun and I am always the soul of the party. "

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