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Uruguayan and Venezuelan South American U-20 strong match 1-1

Uruguay and Venezuelan won 1-1 on Tuesday, in the Chilean South American U-20 Championship for the final hexagon. A great match for a championship led by Ecuador.

In the heat of the match, with the battle against the field, the Venezuelan captain Christian Makun scored nine points in the draw for Nicolás Acevedo (76) charrúas.

Rafael Dudamelen & # 39; chamos & # 39; They once again played in the town of Rancagua, due to the great migration of Venezuelan arrival in Chile.

A quagmire storm in Uruguay, Makun's captain, the defender of the Italian Juventus, managed to get the bar open.

Fabián Coit aimed to tighten his teeth and recover the ground, but they lacked ideas and won the victory in the Venezuelan pocket.

On the other hand, Venezuelan controlled the encounter and arrived at the field in which he defended Renzo Rodriguez several times.

However, Celeste defended his title for Ecuador two years ago – Nicolás Schiappacasse appeared and investigated the attack.

Including the pipeline, he entered the field and took a strong shot at the lieutenant El Rincagua.

The best Uruguayan victory was midway through Uruguayan Pablo García.

The Caribbean responded to the armed defense and left the attack and left Rammell Ibarra without crossing it.

About three and a half hours ago, the encounter and celebration party that created the duel's temperature at a center right after driving the Acevedo network after a right-wing center.

Fabián Coito's Crosses & # 39; They expressed the result and even more pushed them to look for more action on their opponent.

Uruguayan and Venezuelan share equality in the first hours of the seal of Brazil and Colombia.

In both sides, Ecuador won at the top of the 2-1 classification in Argentina.

He has four places in the tournament in the Polish World Championships (from 23 May to 15 June) and there are three places in the Panamanian Games in Lima (from July 26 to August 11).

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