Monday , November 29 2021

Venezuela overcame 98,000 infections of kovid-19; Zulia added two dead


Chief Minci said a 40-year-old man and woman were killed in the situation. There are 858 dead in the country.


247 days after the pandemic in Venezuela, the country registered 311 new covido infections: 262 due to community transmission and 49 “imported”. With figures for this March 17-N, 98,000 cases were exceeded.

Communications Minister Freddy Ñáñez announced on Tuesday night that the Capital District is the organization with the highest number of infections (67), followed by Miranda with 48 and Yaracuy with 39.

During the day, the Zulia region added three new cases and two of the three reported deaths around 9pm.

Of the 49 “imported” infections, 38 come from Colombia, 10 from Peru and 1 from Ecuador, all with the introduction of the state of Tachira, he stressed.

“According to Venezuelan coronavirus statistics, 98,050 cases have been confirmed so far, 93,084 people have been recovered, which is 95% of infections. We have 4,108 active cases, 4,089 are being treated in the public health system and 19 in private clinics,” the official said.

On behalf of the government, Ñáñez mourned the deaths of 3 Venezuelans: a 40-year-old Zulian woman and man and 82-year-old grandfather Falcón. The death toll from covid-19 in the country is now 858.

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