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Venezuelan Super Round Baseball

Chamos under 18 years of age in Colombia (8 and 5) and Cuba (10 and 5)

DRAFTING | CARACAS The Venezuelan national team has won the Super Round Baseball championship in the 18th Panamanian Championship, after overcrowding in 5 races in Colombia, on the Rico Cedeño football ground in Chitré, Panama.

Sean Mendoza, a third-party base and a fifth of the winners, beat Grand Slam's fifth clash against the third inning, which was a decisive victory against New Granada.

In Portuguese left Portuguese, José Palacio, began the Colorado Rockies registration and scored five victories, and four wins, four good passes and excellent penalties.

Success in front of Cuba

Venezuelans and Colombians won two wins at the final stage of the victory, when they returned, on Monday they sent a delegation to Cuba, with 5 stairs with 5 points, for the excellent work of the Yaracuyano left shooter. Kleiver Osorio, five innings scored four goals, scored three runs and gave eight strikeouts. José Mendoza hit three hits and two riders and Yefri Carrillo on three steps.

Venezuela's first victory was in 1997 in 1997, in the youth category in the Pan-American championships in twelve games.

Venezuela 2 went down to Canada 2-2-2 won the Bahamas on 17-1.

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