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Vicente Campos escaped on a new ship

Lara reliever has signed up with Pirates and now she's going to the MLB spring

CARACAS Every sacrifice has its own reward Vicente Campos This mantra was; training from the beginning Lara Cardinals 2018-2019 season. He struggled four months later, not just to win the champion cup LVBP, because he has a new chance to return to the Grand Prix for his performance.

Recently, Pittsburgh Pirates signed a small league contract with the right job and wants to take advantage of the league work in the winter to reach the rhythm of spring training to get a place with the first team.

"Certainly, it was one of the best times I have had in my career, because I had a lot of time to do it, because Venezuelan had an injury, but I feel healthy and ready to start. The job has been paid," said Varguens, in a four-year period, He wore a cardinal and won 4-0 in 2 appearances of the 2.05 ERA.

Campos made his first debut with Arizona Diamondbacks in 2016 and returned to the sub-junior to get rid of shoulder discomforts, limiting their progress to Yankees and Angels, and marketing their years back in the Independent League in the past, but the strong conviction to return their best form to LVBP yours.

"I came to prepare myself to show myself that I was healthy, it was one of the goals and I got it, thanks, we have to continue working now," he said. Elías Díaz, Francisco Cervelli and Felipe Vázquez creole on the pirate ship.

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