Thursday , June 8 2023

Video / Miss Daniella Álvarez: “My right foot will not work again”


In a moving video, the model revealed: The doctor told me: The nerves of the tibia and fibula were completely damaged. The ischemia had the greatest impact, making it very difficult to move the foot again.


Former Colombian mission and model Daniella Álvarez reported this Saturday that 5-D, her “right foot won’t work again.”

Through a video uploaded to Instagram, the young woman announced the results of recent research: “Electromyography showed a very serious injury to the knee (…) The doctor told me: The tibia nerve and fibula were completely damaged. Ischemia had the greatest impact, it is very difficult for you moving the foot again ”.

He added: “The doctor tells me that over time I can get a little movement up, down and sideways, but that it won’t be enough to walk without a slab. If I don’t, my feet would bend and I could have twists or break my feet.”

Alvarez told his followers that the news affected his mother a lot and noted that “God is making my task a little harder to show many people that what we have is more than enough to achieve what we propose.” .

He also stated: “I am happy and relaxed because I decide to feel that way the day I get up, because I am confident in my abilities and I know that I am going to walk, dance and do sports again, because nothing is impossible for God.”

On June 13, the model and presenter underwent surgery for an ischemia to cut off her left foot, and in May she had to undergo emergency surgery for an abnormal mass found in her abdomen.

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