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What is the language of the cat that allows you to clear?


Whether you are a cat, you know that animal he washed himself Regular way in your language. Latest study published in the journal Academy of Sciences Academy Procedures With this mechanism, he pulled a small light through to make these animals.

Papillae in Feline canvas is like legged legs that are curved in the direction of the head It has an empty tube in the tip which plays an essential role in animal grooming.

"The 1982 study concluded that the cat's papilla is a form of a solid cone, for two decades there was no such observation. In our study, we showed the papilla In fact, it has a spoon shape, to use superficial strain forces to absorb saliva, "said paper authors, Alexis Noel and David Hu.

"When the number of strokes increases, cats do not wash and microscopic tests with papilla, but first we met the papilla They have a gap with Licking"He stressed.

According to research. Each papilla has a cavernous U-shaped saliva that accumulates in the mouth and then licks it. It may have this gap Saliva up to 4.1 microliters, that is, the decline in decline would be something like the tenth.

Every time she catches her 50 percent of your liquid hair deposits But to make it clear, it is necessary to get the skin, something that is difficult for some skin in a very long time. "Papillae should swallow the skin to dissolve oils and other materials, persian cats are the same as kittens to penetrate the papilla, because the skin does not reach, the cat can not completely clean" Hu said.

Saliva also refreshes the animal and it does it regulating your body temperature cats just sweating from bottom to bottom. "Feline skin saliva deposition can provide 25% of the refrigerator needed for a cream thermoregulation", they said.

The pure papillae does not leave the skin in the top layer of the skin, leaving the whole hair below. Its flexible base allows it to penetrate thickly into the strata.

Thanks to these findings, the researchers printed a 3D silicone papillae version scaled and they made brushes. This tool allows you to combine with less force and is easier than usual.

Apart from its cosmetic applications, Noel said in expressions Associated Press cat language rather than ideas "Fluid, carpets, or medication recommend us to apply".

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