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What methods do hackers access to a bank account?


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Today's way of buying and paying has changed a lot. It is very common to use e-commerce. In fact, it has risen dramatically in recent years. It does not matter if we use a computer or a mobile phone. In both cases we can buy any product and receive at home. But that is also a security problem. They have appeared many types of malware to directly attack mobile devices stolen bank account credentials.

What methods do hackers access to a bank account?

du mobile use Banking operations rose sharply. We can now make a transfer or just pay with mobile. Almost all banks have a demand to see movements.

They use a cybercriminal different methods not only to access our bank accounts, but also to the transactions that affect us. We'll name the most common and avoid some tips.

Phishing by email and SMS

It is one of the most widely used techniques of cybercriminals phishing. But be careful, it's not just by email. It is very common to find this method through SMS or social networks. The mode of action is always the same and the user wants to prepare them first.

What they do upgrade our bank identity. They send an email or SMS and guess their legitimacy. We are looking for access to this link to sign in with our data. They may tell us we need to update or be similar.

False apps

This is especially spreading mobile phones. The goal is to download a bank program that is not really for users. The data we enter is going to a server that directly controls hackers.

We have mentioned a little bit about the previous case.

Trojans on your mobile phone and computers

It's another method like Malware Trojans steal our bank credentials. They are installed on our system and are able to collect information about our accounts or affect the transactions we make.

Lately it has expanded on mobile devices. The reason is that we use more devices to make transactions.


It's a classic method of accessing an account or service use keyloggers. What are the keys that we enter? In this way, they could get access to bank account keys.

How to avoid access to our bank accounts

It is very important to always include a bank account through real link, as well as official applications. You have never entered into any of the links we receive via email, but it does seem legal.

As for applications, it's always there download sites and official stores. We can never install a bank application from third-party sites.

It is also essential security programs and tools. It does not matter what operating system we are using. There are many options to prevent malware that can affect computers, it is a good barrier.

In the end, it is equally important update systems and the applications we use. Sometimes weaknesses arise through exploiting cybercriminals.

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