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When Tesla driver died in an accident, when the fire of Fort Lauderdale exploded

A driver Tesla Model S when he died he crashed the car and went into the fire near Fort Lauderdale.

By MiamiDiario Editorial

The witnesses said it Davie's police, Florida, in the car, it made 75 and 90 kilometers per hour (120 to 145 hours) on Sunday afternoon, when the reason was unknown. du driver was overwhelming and hanging on the car's three lanes and wearing white bushes. Authorities have identified the driver Omar Awan

The police arrived almost after the accident, but could not recover the driver before being caught in the car.

According to many commentators, The driver could not get out of the vehicle, because the door handles were locked, she said Local 10.

"The efforts to rescue the driver were not successful," said Police Sgt. Mark Leone. The US media reported a few testimonials The vehicle handles were not opened and the vehicle's ventilation was not deflated.

The accident continues according to the authorities' study.

Tesla statement This means that it is a great accident and is cooperating with the police. However, nor if the door fails to reference and it's just been mentioned that "as a speed crash factor, we know that any high-speed collision can cause fires, not just electric vehicles."

The next day after the interview there was another problem with the same unit. After arriving, On Monday night, it was burning again because the battery was broken. "We had a problem with the car, because it continues to catch fire, there is still no battery," said Davie City Fire Chief Robert Taylor.

Davie's boss reported Monday that Tesla's battery was twice shot in the yard of disaster.

As usual, it will catch fire after a crash. But it is added to an electric vehicle again the risk of catching fire after the initial fire of the hour.

Tesla acknowledges this problem after the impact of electric vehicle batteries and indicates its emergency line response guide where it indicates "Battery fires last for 24 hours to shut down" and alerts about possible "turn on again".

The first case of features that are involved in a Tesla vehicle is not. in May of 2018After the Model S of 180 km / h died, two teenagers died in the Fort Lauderdale wall. They were trapped inside the vehicle.

Last year, the National Transportation Security Council opened its doors Two fires in Tesla in California, West Hollywood and the other around Mountain View.

According to the NTSB spokesman, Monday they are not investigating Davie's accident.

Source: AP

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