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Will Smith is honest because her relationship is difficult with her eldest son

The contemporary Prince of Rap was not always an expert father.

Will Smith He is the king of social networks and for a moment he jokes about (almost) and seriously.

Will and her family have always been open books, for a moment to admit their marriages Jada Pinkett Smith He "failed miserably" or won the challenge In my feelings. His most recent publication Instagram It was not different

On Monday, the protagonist I'm a legend He has published a video in honor of his son, who is 26 years old, Trey Smith. He spoke in a luxury camera camera and said: "I'm Abu Dhabi to F1, my son Trey brought me. We're passing, usually taking my children one by one, Daddy up to that."

As he spoke, his images and Trey screen can be seen.

And he continued: "So we did this, together with F1, and said:" You know, dad, I realized that it's not just my dad. "" He paused and said: "I am pretty sure you are my best friend."

At that moment Bel-Air's eyes had tears. Although emotional conversation between father and child, of course, will appear with a bit of humor, "I said [exhala], man, probably. "

Smithe also explained the importance of this video and revealed that things were not directly related to both ages, especially after the divorce of Trey's mother, Sheree Zampino.

"There was not always Trey and me like that," wrote the legend of the video. "When things did not last for years, after my mother's divorce, she betrayed herself and abandoned herself."

However, clearly, everything is much better, better than both these days of the evening. "It's a great blessing to recover and regain my love for my son," he concluded.

Even though Will and Sheree are not married, they both have an immense presence. On November 16, she paid tribute to Shere's birthday, which included two pictures taken by Trey baby. "Happy birthday, @ Shereezampino. #BestBabyMamaEver !:-)

I love you, Ree-Ree, "he wrote.

Shere replied to Will and Jadai in his reflection. "Awwwwwww … thank you, baby dad! I also love you! And thank you @ treysmith0011 for being a reason for our union, and having @jadapinkettsmith cared for and being safe and very happy to promote your wife, mother, mother-in-law and couples. "he said.

Now and Sheree are now friends, but at the beginning it was not easy. Both women talked about their relationship in a section of the show Ya, Talk to the Red Table where failures confessed Will's relationship at the beginning. Star of a star Girls Trip He said he and Wille "did not have a relationship while he was getting married," but his commitment to it soon began his separation of his first wife.

"Since I understood the marriage, I did not understand the divorce," said Ya in the show. "I should be sure of it later."

Both have left in the past and two families are very close. For a moment, very literally, it was already revealed that Sheree and his friends jumped over the 50-year-old Grand Canyon on the helicopter.

Will and Trey left the kingdoms in the past. Trey repeated Will's video again and wrote: "Awwww, heavens [emoji de corazón] for you too, big guy. "In another F1 photo, Trey said:" WE ARE THE BEST ".

But if there is a description that summarizes a relationship, "Dad is literally my type of life."

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