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Xbox One Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Xbox 360 free games


Microsoft has prepared a game reporter for the next fifteen days in December with the "Games with Gold" program. You will only get to get them Have an Xbox LIVE account and enter each game's profiles "buy" at zero cost. And as always, we'll leave you here XBox One and XBox 360 titles list next month, totaling € 69.96 in the game.

On the one hand, published videos, on the one hand, will publish videos. Then, as always, we will continue with the list of free games with Xbox One and we will reach Xbox 360 and Xbox. Yes, yes, this month they are two 360 games, but it will be the only one, and the second is a classic Xbox.

Free Xbox One game in December

Let's start with all the games that you can get free of Xbox Live with Xbox Live. Let's let it.

  • From December 1 to December 31: Q.U.B.E. It values ​​2, 24.99 euros. Toxic Games is the first person puzzle game secret when you visit an alien planet full of challenges. 11 episodes and 80 adventure jigsaw puzzle. Life-long analysis.
  • From December 16 to January 15: Never, total 14.99 euros. This is not a mere video arcade, but an eleventh overview, including the story of the indigenous Alaskan, Nuna and his friend, Arctic Fox, with a documentary to get empathy. Life-long analysis.

Free Xbox 360 and Xbox games in December 2018

Now, we continue with the names of the previous generations console Microsoft. There is a change in December, that is, reducing the Xbox 360 titles and adding an Xbox Live game to your Xbox Live subscribers.

  • From December 1 to 15: Dragon Age II, € 19.99. The Dragon Age series has been one of the best BioWare in the world of RPGs of recent years and, despite the fact that it was a special mechanic that had been excluded from the third since the second part, the title is still very interesting, an adventure that lasts for a while.
  • From December 16 to December 31: Mercenaries: Recreation destruction, valued at 9.99 euros. The Pandemic Studios action game was released on the first Xbox and we are going to put on the merchants' footwear with the weapons of the armies and vehicles that will be used by the army, to end the dreaded military regime, trying to destroy everything we want.

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