Monday , July 4 2022

Yankees rolled Ronald Torreyes | AL BAT


Aaron Judge and Ronald Torreyes

Aaron Judge and Ronald Torreyes

| AP

The Yankees in New York made a stunning move on Monday this weekend, and most players have been awarded a pack of 40 people.

According to the Twitter bombing of the Bronx bombing, Ronald Torreyes has been awarded the Venezuelan infielder's award in Los Angeles's Angelsen Parker Birdwell right to be sent by fraud.

The Venezuelan survived the Yankees of New York only in three seasons, thanks to his versatility, but also the team's headquarters. Torreyes was not able to consolidate it as an individual franchise, and spent a lot of time in New York's small leagues.

As a side baseball player, Torreyes played 221 games with the Yankees flannel, 281 and 55 RBIs and 4 domestic runs.

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