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Years ago we could not touch the most innovative smartphones

The Mobile World Congress ended 2019 and has not been another edition. We've been looking for many years At technology fairs, we talk about great trends for the future, but sometimes it is very solid or in commercial products.

However, This year happened in Barcelona. On the one hand, we have seen the first commercial terminals with 5G connectivity, and this year they will reach the pocket of interested consumers, although networks will not be available and will be very limited for the next year. .

Secondly, the MWC 2019 fair was flexible. At CES in 2019 and before we met the Flexpai or Samsung prototype and the planned one would be the year that could be a change in the mobile industry, this week in Barcelona it was confirmed that this change is real The second one wants to leave a quadruple square pattern since 2007. We are on the verge of uncertain future but the future.

MWC 2019: display screens with flexible displays


Sunday MWC was a great day of 2019, just like every year. This year, Samsung was missing out, but it was the week before it was throwing all of its wood, or rather its gasoline manager, Samsung Galaxy Fold liked it, and much more, despite the still uncertain planning schedules.

In the Huawei Mate X presentation, the feeling was more of a product adapted to the current use of the phone, and we easily replaced it easily. However, In addition to folding, both terminals share something in the conference with many participants: they did not touch.

As well as not touching and folding, we see only the reflections that were being watched on showcases

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are neighbors. MWCn, stands Looking at Huawei and Samsung meters. There are many distances in China and South Korea, but here everything has been shortened. And that was so short Both companies have put their star terminals below their glasses, which are planned for most years. They are not in the presentation events, nor have they been freely in the press conference these days.


Even when we happened to watch Huawei Mate X close, we could not pick it up and fold it. TCL's flexible experiments were very curious and well We saw the machines bending, but they could not touch them.

There are also "fictitious displays", which means that there are non-glasses, but rules that can not be overwhelmed by overwhelming terminals, in most cases the software is not finally the feelings of journalists can be negative. The showcase is not new, Apple unveiled iPhone 2007, When Steve Jobs presented himself with a software that works miraculously.

What's up to now is the Mobile World Congress, which is the latest product fair, on this occasion, compared to innovative and futuristic products.

Mobile World Congress 2019, prototype fair?

OnePlus 5G prototypes have been the order of the day.

Flexible smartphones save many situations wearables A few years ago, none other Manufacturers of the market have experience, not hardware and software. Nonetheless, most of the products coming from erosion were fairly robust and the manufacturers soon tried and marketed them.

MWC in 2019 was this Fantastic edition and many of the most exciting parties in the years, we may have seen the same thing that the article said to have expected, and despite the fact that Samsung and Huawei were promised in the next months of 2019, The feeling left will be a prototype fairAn endless smartphone 5G created. As it is the engine that shows many concepts, it has not been survived for many years, if they eventually charge.

Huawei Mate X or Samsung Galaxy Fold are not even prototypes, but the limits set by them believe that both.

Remember that in a few months you can touch these devices, but in the current form they are not known for certain reasons that only brands are known It does not suggest that products are mature (finally, they are themselves), but the opposite.

Nor did it touch: with today's mobile phones, except for a model not announced as an experiment, like TCL, We did not even see the tricks, because they were static behind the coating, without moving. There were also company directors. Flexible phones, we looked at you, but we did not meet you.

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