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11 Unbeaten games, Arsenal, PSG-24h ready to play soccer

Friday, March 1, 2013, 00:03 (GMT + 7)

For the 11 consecutive game of the match, MU are in the Premier League Hall's talents of Solskjaer's talent.

Lukaku scored 5 goals in Manchester United in Solskjeer

Derby in England after Liverpool, MU 10 were really injured. That's because he thought it was difficult to travel to Crystal Palace "Crystal Devils," Solskjaar went against all predictions.

The Great Solskjaer Summit

Ole Solskjaer is showing courage

To go to Selhurst Park, Solskjær completed a 4-3-3 formation, which was very fun with the defender Diogo Dalot. Meanwhile, Alexis Sanchez was attacked by Romelu Lukaku.

With excellent track record, Romelu Lukaku scored 2 goals in 52 minutes. Although Joe Ward was the goalkeeper, Ashley Young won the 3-1 win in the 83rd minute.

This victory continues to continue flourishing with Solskjær and his disciples. Therefore, the Norwegian authorities are breaking the Premier League record when winning a new team is the leader. From the day he replaced Mourinho, he has helped the Norwegian military leader MU Unbeaten series 11 consecutive games (win 9, 2 draws) and win 29/33 points.

The result is that "Reds" are still in eighth position, 55 points overall, lower than 1 point above the Arsenal team and 2 points higher than Chelsea.

This spectacular achievement is no coincidence. In fact, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a testament to the "Red Devil" renaissance movement.

With each match, especially when arriving at Crystal Palace Stadium, a team that is seriously falling short of injuries has shown the ability of a Norwegian strategist to continue to manage well. The selection of workers, at the same time, creating cohesion between UM's 3 routes, is hard to have a defeated group.

During the season season, "Reds" will be two major battles with PSG and Arsenal in early March. If the trip is taken to Parks Park, Prince Park has a card meaning. In the Champions League, the Emirates Arsenal encounter is the Top 4 race bike.

Nowadays MU is the biggest difficulty in the fact that "sick soldiers" are much more than the dress. But in a dangerous situation, the talent of Solskjeer continues to be strong and all must be surprised, usually after diverting the match from the Premier League 11.

The Great Solskjaer Summit

Trauma cases will be a serious problem for Solskjee

If you have more help MU With positive results, the leadership of "Devils Red" will be tough to dismiss the official position of Solskjera's hot seat because they are fans of Norwegian coaches at this time.

Solskjaer voltage peak: 3 times MU broke the plane, Klopp

He has passed 14 matches, determined by the Solskjaer coach once he made a mishap in the trick.

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