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20 young men have gained more than five "hot goods" by road Giai Phong


Tuesday, November 27, 2012 2:30 PM (GMT + 7)

A young group holding hands in arms, such as knives, iron ironwork welding knife road Giai Phong (Hanoi) last night.

20 young people warmly manually & # 34; Gia Phang Expressway - 1

Headed by the young army armed "parade" in Hanoi Street (Photo: KSĐP)

On November 27, the police chief of Ha Noi, Hoang Mai, told the unit that he had received information and was checking the identity of the armed group "parade". Liberation last night.

"After receiving people's news, we set a review force in the range room, but this group did not have any problems last night. The identities of these young men," said the Police Police.

Previously, on the 26/11 afternoon, a group of about 20 people manages five types of weapons, such as knives, iron iron welding welding cars, wearing lipsticks, Giai Phong Road and Dinh Cong street, Hoang Mai neighborhood, Ha Noi city. The incidents were on the road, the surrounding security disorder.

However, before long-term chaos, teams used their mask in the number plate to make task force check difficult.

In this case Hoang Mai police have clarified.

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