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3 Are women fleeing aviation workers any punishment?


On November 25, the court of the Police Department of the district of Tho Xuan was prosecuted by Pham Huu An (SN 1990, headquartered in the Dong Ve district, the city of Thanh Hoa); Le Van Nhi (SN 1977) and Le Trung Dung (SN 1984) are in the Tho Xuan district, the province of Thanh Hoa, in a disturbing public order.

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Pham Huu, Le Trung Dung and Le Van Nhi police station. Photo: KT

Regarding the behavior of the three subjects, Nguyen Doan Hung Lawyer – IPIC Law Firm – Hanoi Bar Association said, The three objects above concern public order and bring security and demand to the airport at an expense. In fact, three young men have common words for aviation workers, people around them. In addition, there are strong crimes against airport workers, especially in force, strikes and airport personnel.

In light of the conclusions, according to the Hungarian lawyer, the behavior of three objects, first of all, improper in airport security hinders normal airport operations. Secondly, airport personnel suffered respect for the conduct of the subjects.

According to previous study, Hung said passive subjects have committed criminal offenses in accordance with point 1 of article 318 of the Criminal Code of 2015:Although public dissatisfaction with people who punishes people with security, social order or security or is already punished by administrative action or has not been sanctioned for this offense, has not yet been sent. If they rape, a fine of 5,000,000 and 50,000,000 will be imposed, a non-custodial prescription between two and two years or a term of imprisonment of three months and two years. ".

Specifically, the public order of crime is disordered, it can affect security, social order and security. In this way, these subjects will be put to a fine of 5,000,000 VND and 50,000,000 VND, with an expired 2 years or a prison sentence of 3 months and 2 years. The trial process depends on the court.

In addition, according to the provisions of article 52 of the Penal Code, in the case of criminal liability, said persons have a compulsory state of affairs in serious circumstances, in accordance with clause 1 of point 1 of the "Crimes crimes". Nowadays, there is no specific regulation on the nature of the hooliganism.

However, it can be understood that those who are excluded from the law have always stopped the security order, they are willing to use the force and prefer (or) to use force to cover the subjects, without cause, or the excuse is only a bit to kill. Mr Hung has stressed: "In principle, in the case of serious cases mentioned by the lawsuit, the court determines the punishment at the highest level of punishment, which could be punishable by imprisonment for two and seven years in a situation of serious situations."


Previously, around 14h20, on November 23, Pham Huu An, Le Van Nhi and Le Trung Dung to Tho Xuan Airport flight flight VN1271 to Thanh Hoa-Ho Chi Minh city.

After completing the verification procedures, Pham Huu An, Le Van Nhi and Le Trung Dung asked LTG for VietJet Air personnel (it was in charge of baggage handling in the terminal area). ) photo shoot. He then wanted to shoot three subjects with G, but G. refused to work.

Exclutiously, the object was cried out loudly, the incident of Trousers Trousers was attacked, the VLT.H VietJet Air was the representative of the airline, the people on Le Van Nhi and pedals were amazed; The two security guard Le Trung Dung was attacking.

The aircraft's security force is newly coordinated with the police of the district of Tho Xuan, with 3 objects detained.

Today, the Police Department of the Public Security of the district of Tho Xuan continues to carry out research activities in order to manage rigorously subjects in law.

The Aviation Department also banned three objects within one year.

Duc Minh / VOV.VN

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