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A 23-year-old laborer gave 23 dairy products to her, whose beautiful appearance was even more overwhelming

The girl showed her 23-year-old birthday and her boss gave 23 teaspoons of tea, the people turned jealous.

Recognized, many people who go to work are less likely to have a "boss". To be too late to go to work, the boss came out of work and created unfortunate circumstances, because the brothers and sisters associated him with the boss, "I said."

However, recently, there was a girl who not only did not worry about her, but rather praised her boss. Initially, he thought the little girl had taken the heart of her boss, so she read the story she had written on Facebook, because she was given 23 daughters of 23 years of age, who had been jealous of everyone. .

The bosses of annual bosses: A 23-year-old birthday gave him 23 dairy products, a beautiful look even more salient - 1 picture.

Employee position "enjoy" team No fear of dogs – Screen shot.

This worker named N.An worked as an ATM in an entertainment center. Shared with the community online, the "basket" mentality was proud, it was often the purchase of milk for tea, the worker's eating staff, with 4-5 pounds at the same time being a common affair. In particular, 23 year-old Ann's birthday in the last month, her friend gave a gift to 23 daughters instead of candles instead of "blowing."

"I work as a cashier at Xxx, because work is a headaches due to the number of visitors and a great deal of negotiation. Cleaning the cart is a psychological leader of the earth.

Last month, my birthday was 23 years old, my boss saw that the roasted tea had hot milk, the order was 23 cups for me to get candles, and it was still good for them to get away."- N. An shows the online community.

An image by An shows that his "class" dairy tea and his colleagues were shocked by people who bought their bosses. Milk tea, tea, juices, all brands are aligned with long lines, and large baby bags are filled in cupboards. However, not only milk tea, but bosses work a very generous fruit and New Year's fortune to buy "heavy capital" money, March 8, other vacations like Mid-Autumn Festival … are not. lack of gifts

An and his colleagues often bought bosses with milk.

In addition to milk tea, company workers also buy a lot of food.

Immediately after the publication, a message from a girl received the attention of many netizens. Everyone was overwhelmed, he worked in collaboration with the generous bosses who admired his company, and asked them, "Does the company still hire employees to request a slot?".

However, many people were asked whether their bosses were "dumped" or had he donated so many gifts?

Mr. H.anh commented: "Oh, this year's boss, he was generous and psychologically, he knew the workers. You also hire people who do not request you".

"He has bought the boss for many such things, you will realize that he is your boss"- Q.H guess your old invention.

The "annual boss" group is a psychological and beautiful portrait

Share more with us, N. Confident, where he worked with more than five people, psychologically, when he went to the store, he bought dairy tea for food for all workers in the round. Ask for money to spend money, shop workers are "handmade", milk x2 order, mouth x3 soap.

"Usually 2-3 times a week, when the boss comes downstairs, he or she will buy food or milk in a round trip (about 3-4 people), while your holidays or birthdays are usually boss. Buy for all employees, so how much is it.

Milk tea, in addition to sweets, my boss gave me the money. Nowadays, the boss is happy, and there is a worker who flushes with the water, inviting him to win the 200th prize. With milk, it's over, our staff have the x2 x3 topping order"- N. A reason.

Annual bosses story: A 21-year-old 23-year-old birthday donated 23 dairy products, a beautiful look even more so - Photo 4.

Very generous Tet money.

N.An also said that his boss did not realize that as many of you speculate, his boss is always generous with all the employees.

"Some comments told me that both my daughters' heads should be bought in many items, but not in love with all my bosses, even though they're interested in a kitchen for almost 40 years. deliberately

U23 Viet Nam thrashed the last ring, and he was rewarded by his leader for the Vietnam goals. That day, he recalled the Vietnamese team that scored the 2 goals that had to be the biggest bonus for that day, each employee earned 200,000, but I counted the bar and restaurant in more than 20 people."- N.An said.

The Autumn Festival presents are not insignificant.

In the end, he was confident that his 5 leaders had 8x all men, 86-86 years old, the youth and the youth. When they learned about blogs, their bosses did not know and when they learned it, they rushed to join the Facebook group to read what they wrote about them.

"I have 5 bosses, 8x youngsters. The leaders are 86-87, so they still think it. The Facebook group that I invite is 9x most, so my boss is not there. Yesterday, I published a song and I did not tell anyone, my clients read and read that their leaders were going to come to the team to read comments about me."- N. A reason.

Annual bosses story: A 23-year-old birthday party gave 23 dairy products, the beautiful looks are even more sustainable - photo 6.

N.The portrait of 4/5 captains of the year, looks beautiful, right?

Nowadays, N. The story of psychological bosses and bosses is still interested in the social media.

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