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After giant Le Phuoc Vu, the steel king was "strict" at the same time for shareholders

Wednesday, 01/01/2014 4:12 PM (GMT + 7)

After the announcement, Vietnam's giant giants fluttered hundreds of miles.

After winning 5 consecutive wins, the stock market in Vietnam has had a slight downturn in today's trading day. It is still a continuation of the stock of buyer and seller of the money that has been made by the Investor of the Blue New Year's Rest, Psychology.

In the end, the VN-Index dropped 0.09 points (0.01%) and 915.84 points. The volume and agreement that comes with HSX has reached VND 3400 million. On the contrary, in HNX, HNX-Index earned 0.43 points (0.43%) and 102.81 points.

After the giant Le Phuoc Vu, the king of steel at the same time

The market fell slightly in today's session

Stocks and oil and gas stocks are currently traded positively and have helped the market. There are 10/17 banking codes, especially ACB, MBB, LPB, TPB. GAS, PVD, BSR also records green colors when the session closes.

The stocks of aviation stocks have been quite good. VJC (Vietjet Air) has increased VND 1,500 and VND 123,200 / to share. HVN (Vietnam Airlines) increased VND 900 and VVN 38,500. New Year's Eve, however, should not be used by airlines because the travel request is very high.

Among Bluechips, VHM (Vinhomes), BVH (Bao Viet Group), FPT (FPT Group) are still stocks that still maintain good performance. On the other hand, MSN (Masan), PLX (Petrolimex), NVL (Novaland), VNM (Vinamilk) have all fallen.

In particular, Hoa Phat's HPG shares were strongly sold today, one of the biggest giant steel giants in Vietnam, after the profit market has been unleashed in the last quarter. Exactly, at that time, Hoa Phat earned a VND of 14,500 million dollars and a VND tax profit of 1,760 million. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2017, Hoa Phat's profits fell by 27%. This is Hoa Phat's 1st quarter earnings from Q3 / 2017 to $ 2 billion at the bottom.

After the giant Le Phuoc Vu, the steel king at the same time

Mr. Tran Dinh Long – President of Hoa Phat

However, in 2018, Hoa Phat obtained a combined income of 56.5 billion dollars, up 21% compared to the same period last year. EAT is 8.600 million dollars, 7%.

However, the sharp decline of Hoa Phat's earnings in the fourth quarter affected companies' concerns about the situation in 2019 companies. As a result, HPG shares were strongly sold and VND 700 and VND 29,000 were lost. / stock, the lowest of December 2017. Net foreign investors have also sold 1.5 million HPG shares today.

With shares with 534.18 million HPG, Tran Dinh Long billionaire – President Hoa Phat lost $ 373 million today. Nowadays Long Long's securities assets totaled $ 15,491 million.

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