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Aircraft workers fled, travelers were fierce


The VietJet staff had 3 young men at the Tho Xuan airport

COn October 23, at the terminal of Tho Xuan, there are three objects: Pham Huu (living in Dong Ve, in the city of Thanh Hoa), Le Van Nhi (Xuan Quang, living in the district of Tho Xuan) and Le Trung Dung Tho Xuan, Tho Xuan neighborhood) here to see her friend Manh.

On the same day about 14 hours, after Mr. Manh's completion of the verification of the procedures, in three living rooms and air personnel, L.T.G. Take photos with you.

A new camera that shot three young men overcame airport flight personnel. Source: Facebook

G. refused to work, and then attacked three objects, sacrificed pedals. Many others were hit by three strikes. The security force then managed and acquired three youngsters in the district of Tho Xuan.

The Vietjet Air female worker, however, also confirmed the Tho Xuan Airport hat. Mrs. G. said that she reflected the reason, and then asked the group to stand up to her, but she was busy, she refused and suddenly rang.

Mrs. G. said the young man had hardened. This prevented fear and fear of free time.

Prior to the aggressive action on the 25th of this morning, on November 25, police investigation was prosecuted in the district of Tho Xuan Public Security, prosecuted "The public order has been suspended."

At the same time, the Vietnam Aviation Administration forbade air transportation for 12 months, three people from the airport at Tho Xuan, with aircraft crew.

In addition, Tho Xuan district police (Thanh Hoa) will be subject to preventive measures to remove objects from the three pioneers of Tho Xuan airport on Tuesday, November 23. Just continue to research.

Male travelers were insulted and attacked female workers at the airport because they were "caught"

This is not the first time that the first female aircraft worker has been attacked by aggressive attacks. When the incident that took place on January 6, 1818, when it seemed like a man in the passenger, the workers stormed at the Tan Son Nhat airport because it was "caught up".

Clip men suggest that the female workers at the airport rushed because they should be "caught up" late in check-in

That's why there were incidents of the Tan Son Nhat airport (HCM City), a male traveler (blue shirt) cries out loudly as the Vietjet Air aircraft workers are wrecked by malice. An hour before the departure time without the procedure.

The issue was raised when the elevator was placed on the passenger bag with the luggage bag in the black bag of the aircraft worker was thrown down in his pocket bag. The passenger took his bag and put it back on his feet, putting on the floor of many female workers in front of many witnesses. Angered, male travelers rushed to beat female employees immediately attacking airport security forces.

He then argued with the male traveler that he had arrived at the airport (at the airport today at 3:00 p.m.), but said he had been so late, he had suffered three times when traveling to Vietjet flights, so he was "compensated".

As a response, as women's staff did, the passengers arrive before 40 minutes, so the procedures can not be done, if they want to fly later, the passenger must pay 440,000.

If you look at the passenger fleet of foreign workers, they were mistreated while the attacks on the airport caused anger - Figure 4.

Airport security personnel moved the passenger man. Photos cut from clip

However, Representative of Vietjet Air has confirmed the controversy over workers' self-employed workers at check-in.

A spokesman for Vietjet said: "After the incident, the company has worked with staff to solve the problem, and many people believe that the female leader misleads luggage on the ground, with luggage being placed in the next position because the bag was in the workforce, but unexpectedly dropped There, and the luggage fell on the ground the second time, so it was not so stupid to fall.

According to Vietjet Air, the passenger arrived late, but asked to go to the plane. The flight takes place until 15:00, but arrives before 15:00, 40 minutes before. The representatives of this company said the company was closed to the passenger and did not receive new customers.

The men traveling by the Nai Bai airport mid-range staff

Moreover, it is impossible to mention that in the case of male travelers VietNam Airlines airport personnel are released at the Noi Bai airport in October 2016, because many people were angry.

Clip: Transporters from Hanoi Transportation Transport introduced Noi Bai airport personnel

For this reason, on October 18, Noi Bai, Hanoi 2 passengers Trans Duong Tung and Dao Vinh Thuan flight VN7256 procedure after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh committed to agreements with the head of the Nguyen Le Quynh Anh Officer and Noi Bai Mining Center (checkers 38).

At this time, a passenger picks up a female collar, male travelers then wear a leather case when female workers quynh anh amazed and nauseated. Medical examination at Green Plaza Hospital in Hanoi.

After that, Quynh Anh came out to sleep in the hospital. As soon as the event happened, Vietnam Airlines co-ordinated with the authorities to conduct the logs investigation.

However, the reason for many of the false ones is that of two female bailiffs an official government. That is, these two people are Tran Duong Tung and Dao Ha Thuan – Department of Transportation Hanoi personnel.

If you look at the passengers of the airline's passengers, they were subjected to abuse by the airport. Photo 7

Photo of the beaten worker at the airport. Clip clip

Prior to the incident, the Hanoi Transportation Department later decided to suspend Mr. Dao Vinh Thuan (contract agent and assault director). To apologize to court employees before the public on October 24.

In addition, the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority has also decided to take the air transport 12 months after the Tung Mr. 6 months after Mr. For Thuan.

In order to improve efficiency in the management of similar rapes, the Vietnam Aviation Administration has requested that ACV direct control of the aviation safety control to detect and eliminate public and disciplinary actions in order to increase surveillance, airports, airports or aircraft; the risk and health of aviation workers; Safety of people and organizations working in the area of ​​airports and private individuals who are protected by workers and employees.

Airport authorities must reinforce the task of supervising and detecting the aforementioned actions, together with the appropriate forces of ANHK. Air carriers need active coordination with ANHK and port operators do not manage the right times, because they endanger their health and lives. Take precautionary measures to protect the safety of workers against acts of hooligans.

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