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An darling to find a dead man in anger

Thursday, February 28, 2019 10:25 (GMT + 7)

My wife and I returned to their native country, Namek remained at work and there was no expression. However, when communication was not possible, her mother-in-law was checked and found that she was killed at the inn with her husband.

At 10:30 hours, on February 27, the TX Police. Ben Cat (Binh Duong) is still blocking the stage in My Phuoc market near My Phuoc Ward, an abnormal cause of a young man's death. Ben Cat (Binh Duong).

To find a dead man in anger - 1

Event occurred in the accommodation room

Earlier this morning, the relatives of Mr. Dang Van Nam (SN 1992, a village Nghe) entered the room without leaving the room. Before Nam's abnormal death, people reported to the authorities.

Receive news, TX Police. Ben Cat's scene was blocked, witnessing testimony to Mr. Nam to investigate the cause of death. Nam's mother-in-law said, one day, she brought two eggs to cook Nameri's son. However, when it is currently called, it can not verify and find that Nam died and kept 2 eggs.

An daring to find a dead man in anger - 2

The police took testimony of witnesses

It is known that the victim has a wife and 1 child. Mr Nam is in a company located in my Phuoc district. Nowadays, local police are investigating the cause of abnormal death called Nam.

After returning home, after exile in a few years, the woman died abnormally with an incised neck

Through the study, the victim detected the functional forces with his hands and his neck cut off. Today the police …

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