Tuesday , August 3 2021

Anti-corruption is not below, above a little!

On November 26, Mr. Vo Van Thuong and Mr. Bui Xuan Thong – Deputy Representative of the Delegation of the Dong Nai People's Office gathered in the Vinh Cuu District (Dong Nai Province).

At the meeting, respondents of anti-corruption and anti-corruption campaigners, Mr. Thuong has said that in the past, the parties and states have led the way to establish rigorous and demanding policies. There is no place to handle, there is no bounded area, no heavy state, above all.

Politburo member, head of South African Propaganda Committee, Vo Van Thuong spoke at his speech

Politburo member, head of South African Propaganda Committee, Vo Van Thuong spoke at his speech

Vo Van Thuong said: "If we continue, it has been a rigorous treatment since the beginning of the term, a member of the Politburo, a member of the Central Committee, the Secretary of the Province Commission, the Minister Head. Retired civil servants hold positions, retirements and errors have been found, unsafe landing The concept is not in the military, as far as the police are concerned, it is now managed by untreated areas. "

In order to prevent the prevention of violence against political thought, morals and corruption, Vo Van Thuong has said that the government should oversee the people. People who know each other know, in most cases, the boxes, the members of the party in their area, in a good or bad neighborhood, showing signs of foreigners with disaster.

Thuyen has been selected as a member of the National Assembly of Dong Nai, from three locations: Nhon Trach, Long Thanh and Bien Hoa. However, for more information on local voters, the Provincial People's Committee was contacted with Vinh Cuu Barrutia. Vo Van Thuong also thanked Vinh Cuu of the district's voter, despite the storm's impact, yet the voters are still crowded.

As regards local issues that reflect the voters, Vo Van Thuong has asked local leaders to assign people to the cadres, to listen to the voters, if they are correct, to explain. I understand that if the government is not governed, it is not enough, even worse, to be corrected.

Vinh Thuy

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