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As coach Eriksson waits for Vietnam, he has praised many of the team's players


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The Philippines won second place in Second Division B and Vietnam Tel. A match ahead of a match, coach Philippi Eriksson said: "We won the semi-finals, everyone is happy, playing with pride and heart.

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I'll take another game for the Vietnam match for another week. I'm missing the game. It's a good match on Sunday, because the Filipinos need time to recover. "

Before the match against Viet Nam, the Philippines received bad reports on injured Phil Younghusband. According to the Philippine press, Younghusband will lose it in Vietnam.

However, the coach assured Eriksson NHM: "Phil Younghusband is the captain of the Philippines, it's an important player of the group, I know I need to sew this youngster, dizziness, after collision. But I think there is no problem playing the next game. ".

The match between Vietnam and the Philippines will take place on December 2. Look at it

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