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Ask four of Hanoi for "punishment" on the silver screen

Wednesday, 2008/11/28 8:55 (GMT + 7)

In recent days, a rumor on a video clip of "punishment" for eight thousand people with thousands of thousands of voices, a square of one unit. Hanoi.

Ask four Hanoi officers & # 34; On the silver screen on top of each other - 1Image Suspension of "Penalized" Censored Screen on Screen. Video clip clipped

According to the reporter, a video clip was conducted in Hanoi's Housing Management and Development Unit and the boys said B, C, D, T cadre.

It is known that four friends of the clips used to punish "budget 20,000 thousand and 100 thousand euros".

Ask four Hanoi officers & # 34; with each other on the silver screen - 2

Each game punishes penalties once every one. Video clip clipped.

Nguyen Van Huyen, Vietnam Road Administration General Nguyen Thanh Duong (SN 1966) signed a decision to refuse two drivers. and Trinh Phuc Dung (SN 1978).

According to Nguyen Thanh Duong's explanation, at 18:45 p.m., on June 27, 1818, the maneuver was waiting for three of the team's team to drive a bonus sheet of beer for the money. Each hand earns 2 to 4 thousand lost. He does not know how to drink beer, Mr. Yang only forces us to take the "legs" out, not helping.

That is why, on July 10, Mr. Nguyen Van Huyen signed a decision to establish a verification group. During many meetings, after internal contacts, on September 5, Huyen signed the conclusion of the verification.

On October 29, 1818, Nguyen Van Huy, Deputy Director General of the Roads of Vietnam, has disciplined Duong Mr. and Mr Dung at the highest level: Discard.

Eliminate the dance of the game in a large part of the head

The detainee is a lesbian person who has refused to create a bullying establishment, but has no identifying identity.

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