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At the beginning of the cold season, burning coal burning grandmother, four of the family's deceased

Neska N. Nghe was hospitalized for a hospital emergency (photo: H.T)

Neska N. Nghe was hospitalized for a hospital emergency (photo: H.T)

Nguyen Hong Truong, director of the Vinh Phuc Hospital, said: "At 7:30 a.m., November 25, our hospitals took 4 people in the Hong Son family room in the hospital of Vinh in critical conditions, due to their suffocation asphyxiation, the remaining 3 people in Nghe After the transfer to the hospital, it has been a continuous treatment and follow-up.

Family Asphyxia N.T.T. N (35-year-old Vinh City) died of his father; Nhan, mother and children were sent to Nghe An Hospital and Nghe An Hospital. After a positive day at both hospitals, on the evening of November 26, 3 people were criticized.

It is known that 28 children were born, as well as many other women, whose families heated coal. As a result, the whole family of parents and their mother and daughter CO were poisoned.

Mrs. said: After birth, home grandmother went home. Here, he burned coal to make Laos warm. At 12 o'clock at 12 o'clock at 11 o'clock when he cried the baby he raised his grandmother. At that time, Nhan's grandmother continued to grow. Then a fit, hard, could not speak. My father is under the house, I do not know how to go from time to time.

N.K passed a critical moment. (Photo: H.T)

N.K passed a critical moment. (Photo: H.T)

"In the morning, my husband went home to visit his wife and children, and then found that the house was lying down and immediately he went to the emergency room," said N.

"In the past, grandparents had hot charcoal, but the house was air, the poison gas was diluted, if it was poisoned, it was clear, and now there are large buildings, glass doors to avoid so much gas. You can, "said Dr. Vu Ngoc Labor CKI, head of the intensive care unit of the Veterinary Hospital of the province of Nghe.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Truong – Vinh City's CEO said: "We do not understand cold news, but the heating of coal is very dangerous. This situation has happened in the cold season for some years, but some people have noticed that. To limit CO risk of poisoning, people must change their habits, especially in closed homes, in greenhouses, people should not be heated to use coal. "

He explained that this year, Ngeno An is the first CO poisoning event. And this is also the 10th in the last three years in this province.

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