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Atezain De Gea received a great salary, 24 hours for Sánchez Zur and Soccer

Friday, March 1, 2013 at 01:57 (GMT + 7)

After Crystal Palace's 3-1 victory, United will rejoice when De Gea is close to the new contract.

MU He won 3-1 at Crystal Palace. 3 points, "Red Devils" Arsenal will continue to warm up in the Top 4 race.

That is why the Solskjeer coach is currently extending the Unbeaten series to the 11 Premier League (9 winners, 2 draws), replacing Mourinho.

MU amazed: De Gea goalkeeper has been very honored by Sanchez. 1

De Gea will face it

Once again, MU fans are officially waiting for De Gea to sign a new contract. According to Daily Mail and Telegraph, the Spanish goalkeeper blocked UM 350 and £ 375,000 a week in full.

Currently David De Gea contract MU This term will remain until June this year and the self-activation clause is one year by 2020. But because the Spanish goalkeeper is very valuable to the Old Trafford team, the class MU shows fever at the heavy trading table.

The source said the problem with both sides is that it is only in wages. It's obviously the representative of the Spanish goalkeeper Jorge Mendes, Sanchez, is working on massive compensation (£ 400.00 / week) by promoting a MU Gea pay £ 375,000 / week.

But a real £ 350,000 salary is more than enough for De Gea to get the world's highest goalkeeper and Old Trafford second after Alexis Sánchez.

Opposition to the MU, the opportunities that the goalkeeper maintains are very high, especially when European giants who look at De Gea are not interested in the deal. Today, Real has hired the King. PSG also has the experimental goalkeeper Buffon to achieve the goal.

In the end, the Juventus, Ronaldo team will be in full Szczesny's faith. That is why De Gea believes that Old Trafford is the best place to develop in the future.

In the reign of Jose Mourinhor, goalkeeper Spanish coaching coach Ole Solskjaer was very optimistic.

MU & Trauma Crisis: De Gea is painful, destructive

David de Gea is a pain and requires medical help.

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