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Bale, Kepa and Henderson: the rebels are punished

Bale, Kepa & amp; Henderson: the rebels are punished

Kepa Arrizabalaga

Kepa Arrizabalaga, of course, stands out in recent magazines. Maurizio Sarri, coach, has reportedly replaced Willy Caballer as Kepa criticized Chelsea for neutral and professional audiences.

Kepa also sent Sarri's apology and even accepted Sarri to understand each other between teachers and students. In the context of Chelsea, the two logical behaviors play a bad role and the pressure of Sarri is very high. Next, Kepa was subject to 1-week salary and was against Tottenham. They were chosen as the Knight.

Caballero played in Tottenham's Derby Derby and also indicated his support for his teammate: "He is in the field and helps me keep a clean sheet, what happened. Well, we are still ready for the context, and we've learned a lot now that Kepa helped a lot. I want to thank you and thank you. "

Kepa has not been to England for a long time but has revealed bad habits

Kepa has not been to England for a long time but has revealed bad habits

The word Cabellero says that Kepa accepts his or her right or right, from the perspective of each person. The most interesting thing is that today, Sarri Kepa is left sitting outside and will continue to play at Caballero's next match.

The answer can be obvious, Sarri does not have the right to decide on that. The journalist, Independent Miguel Delaney, was much more important than Keak Sarri, and that's why he was disagreeed with the teacher.

Summer 2018, Chelsea spent 71 million pounds of buying Atletico Kepa is not fun. Kepa is a contract for the future, "the red seed" should have a better position than Chelsea coaches. Chelsea gets lost, but it's not Kepa.

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson is not confused with Kepa teachers. Unlike Kepa, who is now 28 years old, he is the captain of one of the richest clubs in the world, the behavior of the coach must be moderate. Unfortunately, for a moment he could not hold (maybe Henderson was disappointed to be a substitute or a bad performance), he was bad for his teammates.

Liverpool won 0-0 with MU, the midfielder of England did not play, with the coach giving Juergen Klopp hands. Only Henderson was up, he remembered Klopp on the bench. Klopp and Henderson argued a bit, but they also "compensated".
Of course, the strong bet could not force Klopp and Henderson's relationship to be a tension. Even though Klopp has won Liverpool 5-0 against Watford this morning, on February 28.
Did not Henderson unwind the club?

Did not Henderson unwind the club?

When Liverpool won 3-0, Henderson replaced Milner. Klopp may be a way to feed Milner on March 3, they also have a Everest Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park. In this way, Klopp also reminded Henderson of Liverpool, it is not as important as the team and anyone can replace it.

Gareth Bale

In Spain Gareth Bale press is a well-exploited subject. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Juventus in the summer of 2018, Bale Real is the greatest hope in every victory in Madrid. Maybe that's why Balek was not satisfied with the right to "star".

On February 25, Balak expressed his distaste for the Levante against the Real counterattack, 2-1. The Welsh star was not denied, and in the 74th minute he replaced Karim Benzema.
Saves Bale in Bernabeu

Saves Bale in Bernabeu

But stress did not stop, Balak expressed discomfort to share joy and not celebrate with his teammates. Bale himself, teammate and coach, causes Santiago Solari's inhibition. Mr. Solari resolved the problem quite well and sympathized with Baleas. However, Bale does not want to do everything he wants.

Real Sociedad lost 0-3 against Barca, in semifinals of the round, Bales had to be forced to sit in the bank and Vinicius gave him the opportunity. Black for Bale da Vinicius. The young Brazilian talents have steadfastly stepped on to the left. But the loss of Vinicius's point is quite a bad ability to finish.

Bale himself gave the opportunity in the minute 68, but the contributions made on the pitch were negligible. Of course, the plan to replace Vinicius's constant progress and the bloodstream of President Florentino Perez in 2016 would have to prepare a future plan.

Bale sat in the chair to start the match against Levante

Wait for a moment

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