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Both winners and winners were VND $ 4,600 million, and that's why they had to do it right away

Friday, March 1, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

If they continue, they will not have to do anything, still 13 million more dollars a month.

The award-winning EuroMillions Lottery was officially awarded to 175 million euros (4,620 million euros) a year ago, with 6 Irish people. This unlucky luck also paid close attention to the media and networks. In particular, anonymous financial experts from Eoin McGee gave practical advice on how to use this huge amount.

Experts advised to make money to the bank directly. That way, they will receive interest each month up to € 500,000 (€ 13 million).

According to the media in Ireland, the Euromillion lottery was released in other European countries at the same time. For this reason, the bonus family bonus will be transferred from 3 countries: England, France and Spain in the national lottery center of Ireland. Then the center will reward them.

Although the winner, VND 4,600 million, was advised by financial experts immediately - 1

Irish family lucky

The appearance of a venerable family, the lottery center will open the red carpet and champagne open, congratulating the winner. Ireland's prize-giving ceremony will be unprecedented.

Earlier in 2005, Irish sewage workers won a $ 115 million (VND 3.036 billion) jackpot of $ 115 million. A bus driver from Dublin and Ireland in 2016 won a prize of 23.8 million euros (628 million) and was a very popular distribution award.

Two winners and winners were 4,600 million VND, which is advised immediately: 2

Employees at the Partner Station – A place where the Jackpot Card is sold.

Land earner is also a VND of $ 4.6 billion, a financial expert advised to do so immediately - 3

Ireland National Lottery Center.

As for the winning family, this luck was said to be "unbelievable". We know that family members are very close. They will meet every week and go on vacation together. For them, this jackpot is a great dream. However, they do not want to change their lives.

5 million VNDs won, but they can only be rewarded by their parents

However, this boy has found all the ways to get the desired result.

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