Monday , November 29 2021

Bui Tien Dung will soon be liquidated if he behaves badly and noisily in his private life


Recently, the Ho Chi Minh City Club recruited goalkeeper Pham Van Cuong (a regular goalkeeper to select Vietnam). This is definitely a quality contract with the Ho Chi Minh City club in the 2021 season, as Van Cuong has been verified on many levels to enter Vietnam under the command of Coach Park Hang Seo.

Along with Van Cuong, the Ho Chi Minh City club also has goalkeeper Thanh Thang – the main goalkeeper for the 2020 football season. This means that the chances of goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung’s pitch are much narrower, even if he is the head of the HCM City club. Great waiting, as well as facilitating career development.

In addition, Ho Chi Minh City Club also promoted the return of goalkeeper Dang Van Lam to the 5th League. This deal is difficult, as Van Lam has a 1.5-year contract in the Thai League. But the story goes that Dang Van Lame has decided to find a good goalkeeper for the HCMC club.

Clearly, Bui Tien Dung’s confidence index is at a very low level. The reason is so specific, a boss can’t accept that the goalkeeper often makes mistakes, that he doesn’t play well when given so many chances to get on the field. Every time I read the newspaper, most of the information about this porter is related to a private life like a “kicking” private model …

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung will be liquidated soon if he continues to misbehave loudly in his private life with model 1
Bui Tien Dung goalkeeper Ho Chi Minh City Club may settle early if his specialization does not improve.

No club leader wants to interfere in the player’s private life. It’s the player’s personal life. But the necessary condition is to have good specialization, to contribute to the proportion of money received by the home team, and not to “sit quietly and eat a bowl of gold.” Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung in particular, the HCMC club’s income is “tremendous” compared to the overall level of Vietnamese football, and the contribution is too small.

In addition, the image of the team is shown through the attention of the audience, fans and fans. A practical example of this is the fact that the home page of the Ho Chi Minh City club regularly receives “bricks” related to Bui Tien Dung. Many comments do not support goalkeeper Thanh.

Specifically, now Bui Tien Dung’s problems are as follows: The picture is not good on social media if viewed from the HCMC club’s homepage. The specialization has not lived up to the club’s expectations and excellent treatment. There is too much information about private life, it is an overwhelming professional story.

Simple problems of professional football, goalkeepers receive high salaries, high hands, good treatment. But without starting and the specialization is not as good as expected, the club is impatient, so it is normal to choose to end the contract.

Therefore, it is not surprising that if Bui Tien Dung does not change himself, if he does not improve on the top 3 issues, then the day will come soon to separate him from the HCMC club! Luckily, Bui Tien Dung will change next season, but he can’t apologize or think “like every player makes mistakes”.

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