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Cargo and box carrier cars are not broadcast on the show


Wednesday, November 28, 1818 6:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

The story of the original Hue folk song orchestra was "strange" in the show.

Hue singer and choreographer tells the story of a non-commercial show - 1

Hue singer and choreographer will bring the story of non-viral showbiz - 2

A new truck truck in Japan

Recently, Long Japan has published a new photo in the photos that were received in the new car. According to the singer, the car cost more than 1,100 million VNDs, making tours in the south. He also said that he owns a third car.

This long Japanese piece immediately attracted attention in November of 1113, which was the loudspeaker "to show off the car loan." Specifically, after talking about the Long Japan article, the form of three cars was published, one viewer said that the three cars are not the singer, the car being borrowed at the wedding.

Hue's story of a commercial non-commercial singer and choreographer - 3

Original Hue singer and choreographer doing the story of non-commercial show - 4

The car for a long Japanese market

Shortly afterward, Long Japan refused. Toyota 7-style black Fortune 2011 announced that it cost $ 1 million from the North to South.

And the Lexus IS 250, 3.5 million pound nails, the Grandma's Longji is a car that continues with daylight saving and shopping. In addition, you will help Lexus RS 350 milk price to travel over more than 4 million Vietnamese boyfriend Ly Anh Minh.

"When I went to Vietnam, when I wanted to go, I had to call a taxi, he loved me and I learned that my birthday came, so I bought a VND4 million vehicles. People will come together," Long said.

Hue, a singer and choreographer, will not be able to spread the show - 5

Original story of the original Hue singer and choreographer making a non-commercial story - 6

Japanese Long Japanese named you after your car, then you donated it

"It has three legal cars with legal or manuscript notices, but I do not certify anyone." In the past, Bin was not saying that my baby was not a Young man, but I was old, and I did not lose time.

Cars also make people. Now that this house says that it is not mine, my wife is not mine … Do I also have to prove a red book and a marriage certificate?

He also stressed that he wanted to show new music or projects in the future, but that wealth would show a lot of things, not just cars.

The singer and choreographer Hue has brought a non-starring propaganda in the show - 7

Original Hue singer and choreographer doing the story of non-commercial show - 8

Long Japanese emotional rumors denied the Vietnamese boyfriend abroad

The rumors are that employers are just US manicurists and their lover, the singer is confused and Internet users want to reduce their credibility.

"She is a fan of Minh, she loves Long Nhat singing and that is why she has decided to return to her homeland. After passing her knowledge, her brothers have closed down, many similarities and overviews are attached.

Above all, there are two melodic lyrical melodies, we discover the homeland of our country's songs and two cultures from each other. "- Long Japan explained.

Hue, a singer and choreographer, will bring a story that has not spread in showbiz - 9

Long Japan's four-year-old boy welcomed him two years ago

After 30 years of singing, Long Japan is the name of a favorite show. Although the show is not very popular, a lyrical music with a certain audience.

That's why, at the age of 50, Long Japan has earned good revenue from artworks. In addition to these cars, male singers also have four houses in the North and South.

In private life, Long Japanese, proud, beautiful wife, good children. It has four children, most of which are 22 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. Hai Phong lives with 4 children, but Kim Ngan – wife Long Nhat is behind her husband's support. He said: "I see you love your family and love your wife and children.

Amazing, beautiful Japanese Girl Long Girl

In search of Bolero, the viewers of Truc Chi can not take too many eyes out of their eyes.

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