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Chechen Chau denied that he denied that there were many marriages about many people

Thursday, February 28, 2019 19:16 (GMT + 7)

"In this age, I have no choice," said Chau Tinh Tri.

Chechen Chau denied why he was married to many people in Chechnya

Chow is associated with the "decade" comedy

Chow is a well-known name for Hong Kong, Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian audience. In decades, the title "king of comedy" has also helped viewers of Chau Tinh Tri.

Having a glorious career in a famous, wealthy and life-long, Chow's personal life has always been for lovers. Specifically, the reason for marrying Chow's 57th anniversary is always the biggest question and many people make it curious.

Chechen Chau denied why he was married to many Chechnya residents - 2

Chow is a secret person in private life, especially love and marriage

Chow is a narrow and special person, rarely speaks about love and marriage. However, at the end of 2017 he shared this interview. Although he still speaks, and sometimes speaks disturbed words, the viewer still thinks the quality of "comedy king" about love and marriage.

Asked: "When will you marry?"Chau Tinh Tri responded kindly: "At this age, I do not have any more options.". Born in 1962, when U60 reached age, Chau Tinh Tri feels too late for love and marriage. Even in recent years, he has neglected his silver hair.

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In his youth, Chow was famous for peaches

However, everyone knows, in his youth, Chow is a famous name for flower holes. At the end of the 1980s, Chau Tinh Tri publicly acknowledged that the only newspaper La Hue Quyen, written by Chau, was publicly acknowledged.

5 years later, the couple broke up when Chow Zhou Link fell in love – she joined her coherence Uy Long School 1992 and Great Westen Journey Voice 1995. The couple was just like an image with five shadows, but eventually it came together with "everyone's way" and Chow Mac Van Uy.

Chechen Chau denied why he was married to many people in Chechnya

Chau Tinh Chieu and Chu loved each other for 3 years, but eventually broke up

Mac Van Uy's story, which lasts 7 years, can not yet reach the end. The couple broke up in 2002 and appeared a new shadow near Chau – "Thien Kim Lady" Vu Van Phuong. But marriage is still possible after two "ways to go everyone" 8 years after dating.

Many people think that there are frequent failures so far, Chow Chow is not interested in love and marriage. There are also people who think that their childhood childhood obsession, parents divorce and Chau Tinh Chieu are love, but they do not want to be added to anyone.

About Chow, Chow, it's a regret: "I was not so busy. I always liked it, until I looked back, and I saw a lot of things I lost when I was 50."

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Chau Tinh Tri and Chu An West Journey in 1995

Chow Chow once admitted, had a love relationship with "heart cut" Chu An – Tu Ha Tien Tu in Journey West: "In all, I can not forget Zhou Yin alone."

But in the end, he still lost his lover. Many people think that Chow Zhou himself has shown his unfortunate remarks with the movie Zhou's film line. Western Journey: Love Story In 2013

Tang Tang said: "I love you, love ten thousand years" He dismissed himself as the scene of a girl is witnessed, because the heart wants to save the sensitive creatures, she must die. This scene is why many people think about the story Western High Voice Travel In 1995, Sun Wukong (Chow Chow) also lost the pain in Ziyi Zi Zi (Zhou).

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At the age of U60, Chow Chow missed the loss

Until now, almost half of his life, money and reputation has been achieved, but Chau Tinh Tri still has a shadow. He loved him, though he loved him deeply, but in the end, no one was left with him. At the end of his life, the European Chronicle realized a love affair: "Love to wait ten thousand years. Do not wait long."

Old love Chau Tinh Tri shows her hot beauty despite her age

Photographs by Mac Van Uy sexy back surprised by the audience.

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