Tuesday , January 26 2021

Chinese cars that imitate Range Rover Evoque, designed to miss the case

Land Rover won the Chinese court case, approving the Evoque model for the Landwind home automobile.

He has been doing it for thirteen years after many issues. Land Rover's Jaguar (JLR) victory officially won. The Chaoyang Court Court in Beijing, the Landlord brand Jiangling, copied the five exclusive EcoClock Range Rover Evoque to create the Landwind X7 model. This agency requires manufacturers and sales activities to stop manufacturers and sales x7 immediately. At the same time, they should pay compensation to British companies.

Keith Benjamin, the head of the global legal department of JLR, said: "We are excited about this decision in Beijing, we are reassuring confidence in China's investment decisions, believing in the righteousness of intellectual property rights in this country."

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"At last justice is in force," page Carscoops Commercial won the first victory in the UK against Chinese commercials.

Landwind X7 was released in 2015 in Guangzhou (China), and later launched this model, with the Range Rover Evoque Land Rover version.

Having a brand-name luxury brand, the price is 3 times cheaper, so you can choose from many X7 clients. The British automobile has said that the imitation designed by Landwind did not only damage JLR's image, but also created a bad background.

In fact, not only the Jiangling Landwind, but the Chinese designers have imitated the design of other Chinese brands. The winning case for JLR can be a major step forward for foreign car manufacturers to be more confident in the fight against domestic automobile suppliers.

When the Chinese government is developing strong and ambitious home automation, the imitation of the design is not a beautiful image in the world of playgrounds.

Pham Trung

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