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Coach Park Hang Seo, Philippine Football Expert

Tuesday, November 27, 1818 18:13 (GMT + 7)

On the afternoon of November 27, the park's Hang Seo instructed the final session of Hanoi to compare AFF Cup with the 2018 final home team (December 2) before leaving Bacolod (Philippines). .

Coach Hang Seo distributed it to a German-speaking German expert

Vietnam television training at the VFF youth education center, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. After a two-day absence from the Philippines, Lee Young-Jin assistant Park Hang Seo coaches returned to training sessions in the afternoon.

Coach Hang Seo distributed 2 German-speaking experts from the Philippines

In another canton on the court, Hang Seo coaches the paper on the Philippines.

Coach Hang Seo distributed it by a German-speaking expert in the Philippines - 3

Korean humorist, "super coach" before fighting with the Philippine Eriksson.

Park Coach Hang Seo was distributed by a German German expert - 4

It is worth mentioning, on the training ground in Vietnam Tel 26/11, Mr. Jurgen Gede, Technical Director of VFF.

Coach Hang Seo distributed it to a German-speaking German expert

German experts have interviewed more than 15 hours, Hang Seo coach Vietnam Tel.

Coach Hang Seo distributed German-speaking experts in the Philippines - 7

Jurgen Gede is considered as a "great coach" to win coach victory in Park Hang Seo's "victory" to win Asia-Pacific U23 2018.

Coach Hang Seo distributed by a German-speaking expert from the Philippines - 8

Mr. Park was happy to receive valuable comments from Jurden Gede before leaving Philippines.

Hang Seo coached 9 experts in the Philippines

Professor Hang Seng Parks officially goes to Bacolod at 11:00 p.m., on November 28, Philippines at the AFF Cup quarterly 2018 (December 2).

At noon, on November 28, Vietnam Tel will fly directly from Hanoi Bacolod (Philippines) flight number VN9663. The direct flight has been organized by the Vietnam Football Federation and Vietnam Airlines in a very short time to make Park Hang Seo the best physical force before the AFF Cup final in 2018. Hosts in the Philippines.

The flight time will be about 3 hours and 35 minutes, which is much shorter than normal flight, which requires a 3-way journey through Hanoi and Bacolod. In addition, the national airline company has organized a direct flight for fans of Vietnam Tel, starting on the morning of December 2 at the Hanoi A321 aircraft. Flights from Bacolod to Hanoi from February 8 at 8:30.

Why do you worry about the Vietnam-Philippine war?

Trong Hoang expresses his individual concern before the semi-final against Philippine.

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