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Cold 24 hours: "Aluminio" dance and 2 former public security minister

Wednesday, 01/01/2014 6:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The "Aluminum" dance 2 Deputy Minister of Public Safety sentenced him; the abolition of the police court in the courtroom … are the most important news in the last 24 hours.

The "Aluminum" dance, 2 Deputy Minister of Public Safety sentenced him

On January 30, the People of Hanoi Court punished Phan Van Anh Vu (that is, Vu Aluminum) and compliments.

The panel sent a Phan Van Anh Vu sentence for 15 years in prison, abusing its attitudes and authority. High Court of Justice of the Supreme Court proposal to be competent to synthesise penalties.

Hot 24 hours: Vu

The "aluminum" dance with the interviews was condemned to court. Photo by PLO.

Constitutional Nguyen Huu Bach (Former Colonel, Deputy Director General of the Department of 5) was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a total of 11 years in prison; Phan Huu Tuan Defender (Honorary General Lieutenant, Sub-Director General of 5 years), 5 years in prison, is apprehended as a prison sentence of 12 years, while abusing his position and authority.

The two former Ministers of Public Tran Viet Tan received a 36-month prison sentence and Bui Van Thanh was held in prison for 30 months because of serious consequences.

The panel also seized seven properties and the total amount of "Aluminum" Vu was approved for the transfer and lease of these properties.

He was the Director of the Department of Police in Hanoi, Lieutenant General

The Lehendakari decides to step up the Duy Khuong Street to the General Lieutenant General, the Hanoi Police Director.

Mr. Duy Khuong Free (born 1960) Nam Toi district of Nam Loi, Nam Dinh province.

24 hours cold: Vu

Former Lieutenant Douy Duy Khuong – Director of the Department of Police in Hanoi. Photo TPO.

In 1977, free police Duy Khuong joined the district for 10 years in the province of Nam Dinh for 10 years. After doing so, Mr. Duy Khuong was 15 years old at the Public Security Ministry, including, for 12 years, as secretary, Polit Duro Quindo Assistant Member.

On March 10, 2016, the Minister of Public Security signed the appointment of Hanoi City Police Director, replacing Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung.

Representative replacement court pedal's witnesses suspended

On Sunday, Jan. 30, Colonel Nguyen Van Dung warned the head of the Tuy Hoa Municipal Police (Phu Yen), the Deputy Director of the Police Department, Huynh Minh Le, Phu Thanh Ward, to suspend the temporary suspension of the Phu Thanh Ward police deputy; At the same time, he gave new discipline according to the work regulations.

Hot 24 hours: Vu

Huynh Minh Le Colonel Huynh Minh Le, chief of honor at Phu Thanh, was on foot, based on the police headquarters. Crop from a photo clip.

According to the initial report, when Mrs. Quoc worked for the police office, he drank alcohol and spoke loudly. Mr. When Lek reminded him, Quoc was lying on the floor. Mr. Her behavior was wrong when she took her foot on her brother's influence.

Mr. Quoc says in the evening of January 29 that he and another can fight the house. Then Phu Thanh's police invited four people to testify. Here, Mr. He strangled him and shoved it and kicked him to his feet.

The Ordinary General Assembly of the People's Council is the vice president of Can Tho City

On the afternoon of January 30, Can Tho City Council, IX. Edition, period 2016-2021, extraordinary meeting (11th session), to work according to the authority of the Board of People.

24 hours cold: Vu

The 3 elected representatives received the President of the People's Council and the President of the People's People Can Tho. Worker's picture.

At that meeting, Mr. Duong Tan Hien, deputy secretary of the members, the party committee, and the People's Committee Ninh Kieu District were the vice president of the Can Tho Country Commission (47/54 votes, which reached 87.03%). ).

The new director of Can Tho City Police is Colonel Nguyen Van Thuan (52/54 votes agree, reaching 96.62%); Mr. Le Tien Dung (50/54 votes), Member of the Board of Directors of the Department of Transportation has been chosen.

Three technicians killed gas suffocation

On January 30, Tien Hai District Committees, Thai Binh Province, on January 29, confirmed the Minh Hieu commercial production company (Minh Hieu Company) in Tien Hai Park (Tien Hai District). , Thai Binh province) 3 people were killed when a serious accident occurred.

According to initial information, Minh Hieu has bought gas with the North Low Pressure Gas Distribution Company and has signed a contract with Phuc Minh Sang Company for installation and installation.

Northern Pressure Distribution Companies and Phuc Minh Sang, including Le Xuan Tuan (SN 1990, Hung Yen Village), at the morning of the morning of 29 January; Nguyen Xuan Reo (born in 1986, Ha Nam's hometown) and Kieu Xuan Cuong (SN 1996, Hanoi, Hometown) directly.

On January 29, at 7:00 p.m., when the construction team made a gas connection hole, Phuc Minh Sang Company could not contact anymore, so it sent the inspectors to find 3 people in the construction team. under the gas connection hole. The incident was immediately reported to the authorities, and the victims were taken to the emergency hospital, but were determined before death.

Court of the district court was voted in court

A police officer from the city of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen continuously uses pedestrian pedestals to witnesses lying on columns …

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