Sunday , September 26 2021

"Continue rally" – VnEconomy

VnEconomy presented a number of recommendation and investment recommendations on securities business on November 27 in the market,

At the end of the negotiation session, on November 26, VN-Index increased 3.06 points to 921.03 points. Meanwhile, the HNX-Indexed 0.29 points were down 103.98 points.

The trend goes up

(Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company – BVSC)

"The market is predicted to increase the diversification and diversification of stocks in the future departments, and investments will be carefully and carefully selected over the period.

Continue regional market trends

(Vietnam Investment and Development Bank – BSC)

"In the BSC view, the local market coincides with the trend of the regional market with the MSCI index, 1.48%, including the Japanese market, thanks to the positive feeling of the future G20 meeting."

Continue to gain momentum

(FPT Securities Joint Stock Company – FPTS)

"The correlations between the two exchange indexes show that there is an increase in the external flow of foreign indexes, especially when they are marketed in large quotes. Dow 30 Futures, the United States market is likely to have a positive recovery.

In addition, the ETF discounted state is also reduced. Therefore, if the psychological factor does not change, the Vietnamese market is likely to continue to gain momentum. However, this situation, if it is long, would be dangerous, because the results of the G20 summit do not speak for the United States and China.

Trading is a good bet for negotiating a drop in capital or looking for opportunities in future contracts. It should be waiting for the remainder until the liquidity is improved. "

Keeps balance between stock and stocks

(Viet Dragon Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"The two indexes were mixed up with a slight VN-Index and the HNX-Index dropped a little, the liquidity dropped dramatically, in both exchanges, the two indices tend to move in the short term. Keeping a positive balance between cash and stocks, increases in stock exposures it will only happen when there is a success of events. "

Check peak 925

(Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock Company – VCSC)

"The VN-Index, VN30 and HNXIndex short-term technical indicators have remained positive, but there are signs of weakness, VN-Index and VN30, with the big hats, the nearest 925 and 900 summits before we approach them again.

It may not be due to large stocks, the HNX-Index can prove MA10 and MA20 support at 102.5-103. To break this level, the HNX-Index will lose signal to the side or down.

Investors would gradually reduce short-term exposure in recent weeks and this strategy will be applied in subsequent sessions. "

Tension between 900-930

(Saigon – Hanoi Securities Joint Stock Company – SHS)

"It is expected that in the negotiation session on November 27, the VN-Index will continue to fight for 900 and 930 points and have low liquidity. The high stock ratio must continue to see a 930-point recovery to sell the proportion.

In the opposite direction, investors would have to have a high cash-ratio and it would not be enough, and a 930-point break in the market would be a success, despite a good liquidity to confirm two bottom models. perfect ".

VnEconomy's stock market value comment is only valid as a reference source of information. Securities businesses may face conflicting interests with investors.

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