Monday , July 4 2022

Controversy against Jennie, a sudden haircut on the scene of love before Lisa (Black Pink)


On the evening of November 26, Lisa (Black Pink) released the latest image and immediately created the fan. Long-haired long hair hairstyles attachments flat, Lisa impressed when short hair and dark change appear. Because Jennie was a public opinion fan, Lisa was paying close attention to the public, thanks to this new image.

Fans are breathing out to release the official series that Lisa is getting into. Many people said he was not sure to cut "long hair" You can only change wigs for hair styling.

Controversy against Jennie, the love of scene before Lisa's (Black Pink) image, short cut of sudden hair - Figure 1.

Lisa was shocked by a short hair. Fans are breathing awaiting the newest image of the youngest Black Pink

Controversy Against Jennie, Short-cut Short Hair of Lisa (Black Pink) - Photos 2.
Jennie, Lisa (Black Pink) unexpectedly cut short hair - Photo 3.
Controversy against Jennie, Cut the short hair of Lisa (Black Pink) sudden scene of love - Figure 4.
Controversy against Jennie, the love of the scenes before Lisa's (Black Pink) image, sudden short hair cut - Figure 5.

Lisa has always been linked with long and feminine hair

Source: Instagram, Naver

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