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Court of the district court was voted in court

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 15:00 (GMT + 7)

A police officer from the city of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen walked by foot, who was lying on the floor at the police station.

On January 30, Colonel Luong Tan Dinh, Phu Yen, Director of Public Security, said the police chief of the province could command the Municipal Police Tuy Hoa to step on his feet with Phu Thanh's forensic police officer. The witnesses go straight to the police hall.

On the same day, Colonel Nguyen Van Dung, the head of the Tuy Hoa Police, said the agency decided to stop supervising the work of the head of the U. Huynh Minh Le, Phu Thanh Ward Police; At the same time, he gave new discipline according to the work regulations.

Judge of witnesses at the forensic police court headquarters - 1

Huynh Minh Le Colonel Huynh Minh Le, chief of honor at Phu Thanh, was on foot, based on the police headquarters. Crop from a photo clip

Colonel Dung confirmed Mr. Le to prevent his foot to prevent Mr. Le Huu Quoc (3th quarter, Phu Thanh Ward). "When he started working on the police office, Mr. Quoc was drinking alcohol and he spoke loudly. When Mr. Lek reminded him, Quoc was lying on the floor." He was taken to bed by Mr. Le's wrong, and he caused him to be his brother. "- Colonel Dung Informed

Meanwhile, according to Le Huu Quoc, at 29-1 the afternoon, there was a struggle between two friends at home. Britain and other local youth jumped the barricade. To solve this problem, the Phu Thanh court judge brought two young people against two people to prevent the operation of the police chief.

Here, the Phu Thanh court judge put two people into battle in two different rooms to get their testimony. "A moment later, I saw my brother declare the room with me, but not wearing a shirt. He returned shortly afterwards to the room. It seemed strange to me, after asking, and responded to the police when he was forced to get his shirt off to get an image of the injured body. When I got out, I met Mr. Huynh Minh Le and he went in. Mr Le asked him where he was going and suddenly plunged me into my neck, after which Mr. Aggressive Ceremony broke and he started his foot in a constant moment. "- Mr. . Quoc has told.

Court arrested after the session of the court office of the court - 2

Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Minh Le, the official police officer in the Phu Thanh district, lit a lying ground on the ground. Crop from a photo clip

Mr Quoc says that when relatives were taken home, he told nearly 10 police officers and ordinary people that they were going home to work at the Tuy Hoa police office in the city. Among them, some people dressed in balsam-free armor, people who transported weapons, wanders and Quoc's relatives were worried and rescued. The United Kingdom did not agree with the police headquarters, which protested as "Republicans".

"I did not break anything, but the only person who struggled with youth. I was the witness but the police brought me my strength and weapons to my home, as I detained the criminals, due to my honor, and before that I was under the control of the district manager. when the police took me to the police station, "said Quoce.

The head of the Tuy Hoa City Police Department said the police could identify early and another person as a witness to the battle. The Colonel Nguyen Van Dung has said that Phu Thanh's law enforcement team has invited four people to work in the office.

Stay suspended at the headquarters of the Courts of the district court - 3

Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Minh Le, Phu Thanh, forensic police assistant, when someone interfered. Crop from a photo clip

Phu Thanh Ward, Huynh Minh, Head of the Leader, Le Huu Quoc's brother used to go to the foot of his police station, and many police arrived at Anh Quoc.

On the afternoon of January 29, Facebook's various social accounts contain two unexpected-related clips. The second one, in 30 seconds, uses police clothes and gray hair slowly to throw a young man lying on the back of the police station using his right foot. When the young man came into the room, the old police stopped. However, he did not want to stop even a fierce attitude.

The images of many police and soldiers are longer than 40 minutes. The police, Mr. Le Huu Quoc, works to invite the Tuy Hoa police office to the city. However, Mr Quoc was loudly protesting that he was beaten by the police before the police officer worked.

On the afternoon of 29-14, Quoc's wife told Facebook that she was afraid to invite the public to participate, and they thought there were many unknowns throughout the night before the house.

The police responded that the incident of the vehicles caused an accident

The police determined that taxis caused an accident, only Vu Anh Tuan was a pickup truck.

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