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Dam Vinh hung, through American charity gifts, heats the fan battles-Showbiz life

Tuesday, November 27, 1818 14:54 (GMT + 7)

"Vietnam is not the home or star you need to go to the U.S.?", The audience asked Dam Vinh Hungi.

Last week, the singer Dam Vinh Hung has a great tour of the United States. At the time of the Vatican, they are also struggling with the 9th Usagi of Agriculture, causing great damage to people and property.

Through his personal page, Dam Vinh Hung published a photo offering homemade charity gifts from the United States. "The King of Vietnam" has said it's been good that he's been doing it many times in the U.S., but the first is to give homeless gifts.

Dam Vinh hung, through American charity gifts, fans face intense debate. 1

Mr. Dam presents homemade homeland in the United States.

"Feeling alone, listening to homeless people is also called thanks to the heart, buying the shirt will be very warm and the restaurant will save less for the poor." Dam Vinh Hung wrote.

In addition to the warm winter blankets, the singer also distributed Vietnam's homemade homemade households in the United States. "The next time I will win more girls. See all in February. After the Vietnamese New Year," singer added.

Dam Vinh hung, through American charity gifts, fans face intense debate. 2

Singers have released blankets and bread.

Many audiences and coworkers expressed the meaning and humanity of "Vietnamese King". However, the Vietnamese community has a tough debate on Mr Dam's outspoken charity.

"There's no home in Vietnam or why do you need to go to America?"; "Vietnam Typhoon was swept through No. 9, it was very worried. Have you sent a Vietnam gift?"; "Ngoc Son puts 10 tons of rice to fight the flood". – Questions raised by Dam Vinh Hung.

Dam Vinh Hung, through charity charities in America, fans face intense debate. 3

Mr Dam's charity work is controversial abroad.

In addition to the mixed opinion, many fans protected idolatry and said that charity works have good meanings, when their friends help with difficulties and tribulations.

"There is so much charity in Vietnam. In general, good people, Westerners or Me need help. Why do you have to be absurd when you go to work in charity when you are not Hung?" The viewers give an insight.

In the heart of the singer Ho Trung Trung also stated: "It's true that his grandfather did not do the wrong wrongdoing. Dam Vinh Hung will be the number of Vietnamese singers in a few decades, but he'll be in the hearts of No. 1 forever.


The singer said that it was rich to create a dramatic fantasy.

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