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Death to death to death … wife

Tuesday, November 27, 1818 15:52 (GMT + 7)

On November 27, the Supreme Court of Da Nang Supreme Court appealed to the defendant, Le Ngoc Son (1969), who was arrested at the age of 18 at the imprisonment to kill him 9 years in prison.

According to the records, Son and Ngo Thanh Tu (SN 1973) jointly with capital support in the town of Ninh Tinh, Ninh Phuoc, in the village of Ninh Hoa. At the end of 2015 due to business losses, Son and Tu are no longer working together.

At 23:00 a.m., from 28 to 9: 2017, from Son Road to fish fishing, Son saw the motorcycles next to the house.

Staging your wife to the death of the dead - 1

Defender of Le Ngoc Son in court

Taking his sex with his wife TTP (SN 1975), Son returned to his house.

When he got home, Son went to the back to listen to his wife's voice and in Your speech, after the TV shelves in the Son's family room.

At this moment, the son came out of the kitchen to get out the two knives and locked the door back and cried: "You're still, tell your brother."

Under the sound of tricks, he scrolled through the front door of the door of the house and headed. The children began to use the knife that had been inserted into the chest, where the death caused … Then the climbing wall escaped.

On September 29, 2017, at 2.30 a.m., the son went to the police and declared his behavior.

Losing your life because your wife dreams of bedtime and tragedy crime

The eyes of a friend and wife are "embraced" at home, their husbands "crazy".

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