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Does Cong Phuong Incheon United be a beneficial deal?

Specifically, the amount paid by Incheon United for Gia Lai will be the amount of a Kong Phuong loan for a year of $ 150,000. Cong. Phuong earned a salary of $ 10,000 for the Korean team.

In addition to Kong Phuong's rental and transportation, Incheon United provided over $ 270,000 (about 7 million VND) in the Phuong service in Congo for 1 year.

Vietnam's football image is not small, but in terms of Korean K-League players, there is not a large amount, especially in relation to the Kong Phuong values. It can bring this group.

Cong Phuong Incheon United shirt has full confidence

First of all, in terms of commerce, Kong Phuong was very famous in Vietnam, when it was a star in a football star. That is why Cong Phuong will be considered as the filmmaker and filmmaker of Incheon United for a single season.

It is noteworthy that Kong Kong Phuong Incheon United has long joined Kong Phuong, and the Incheon United club generally appeared with the high-profile newspapers in Vietnam. This group was the first victory. Korean ball regarding communication and image.

But for foreign professional clubs, the victory of the image is often a success in financial success, making the Incheon United brand more and more popular, in order to get some other simple trading contracts. it's done more

Secondly, compared to recent years, compared to the first periods of previous years, especially after the AFF Cup 2018 and the 2019 Asian Cup, Kong Phuong has grown significantly, much more useful. professional side

The player Gia Lai HA is now more versatile and stronger physically and mentally. Kongo Phuong was the one in Incheon United's hot season for the season, making it a smooth sailing season.

If Kong Phuong does a professional brand, Incheon United allows trade to develop a better image, this time it will be a valuable season in Korea. On the contrary, Incheon United will feel well about the Cong Phuong deal.

A professional Korean professional team outlined that 7 million VND is not a great player to win money, because Incheon United is helping its market in Vietnam. and Southeast Asia, which is able to support both experience, is in fact a couple – three lines!

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