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Dozens of girls inside the drug

The attack against the biggest bar of Ca Mau, police found a positive drug for 94 people.

Many teenagers and teens give drugs when they enter the tobacco police. Photo: issued by the police.

When the police went into a bar, there were many young women. Photo: Police give it up.

Ca Mau city police went to the Bui Thi Truong Street tavern named Tran Van Don (39) on the afternoon on February 28. Hundreds of players fled, but the doors were blocked.

Strength is that some pills and nylon bags are suspected of being rocky and rocky. More than 140 people were taken to the test room quickly. As a result, 94 people were positive drugs, including 20 girls.

That evening on the same day, Ca Mau Police press conference confirmed that the bar is disguised.

In accordance with the authorization of the Department of Land Use Planning and Investment, the facility authorizes the cultivation of food, drinks and alcohol. However, the bar building owner works through the disk, with insulation, leds and scenery.

Until 2015, one of the biggest bars in the Ca Mau city has been subject to administrative violations.

Hoang Hanh

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