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Dragon hiding, Philippines

Tuesday, November 27, 1818 16:08 (GMT + 7)

Quang Hai has teamed up with AFF Cup in the last season of 2018. But once he returned to acquaintance, Quang Hai still has a very common danger.

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Quang Their sacrifice

U23 Asia earlier, until ASIAD 2018, Nguyen traveled to Quang Hai. In the first half of the year, he almost scored as a goal player, as well as an annual footballer. But in ASIAND in 2018, after a sudden injury to Do Hung Dung, Quang Ha had to fill the gap. And it still works well in the new role.

Quang Haiek hides Xavi in ​​the middle of the field, winning a goal in the Philippines - 1

Full Quang Hai (red shirt)

Quang Hai's versatility Park Hang Seo decided that the "V-League 2018 Best Young Player" field was on the pitch. At the end of the AFF Cup 2018 team, Park and Quang Hai still have the right track.

At the beginning of Malaysia and Myanmar, Quang Hai may be a bit too much for players to take on top-notch meetings, and the game is also a cornerstone, but agility, touch and tactical sensitivity. Always check the requirements.

5-0 victory in the Cambodian victory in the final round of AFF Cup, that is, Nguyen Quang Haiena, the only one who returns to the best place. That's the number 10 – who plays the role of the nuclear in Vietnam football, there are episodes that remind Xavi of the famous Barcelona midfielder.

In the final round of the Cambodian final semi-finals, Quang Hai was the best player. The 21-year-old midfielder is the core of the "Golden Stars" line. The creativity created by Quang Hai has always been set in favor of its teammates. And Quang Hai has become more dangerous in that position than anywhere else.

Long distance calculation of the park

In the final phase of AFF Cup 2018, fans did not see a shining Nguyen Quang Hai in Asia 23 or ASIAD in 2018. However, the Park Hang Seo coach has his own reasons. Quang Hai in that position.

Quang Haiek hides Xavi in ​​the middle of the field, the Philippines wins - 2

Park Hang Seo ready to release Quang Hai?

The round table is not very good at the center of Vietnam TV. Huy Hung, Hung Dung has problems and must be separated. At the same time, Vietnam Tel is actively seeking counter-attack against opposition ominous.

And above all, Park Seo does not want to make his "eras" soon. Thanks to the Quang Hai center circuit, Park will surprise its opponents until they reach the semifinals, as well as the finals. And that's when he returned to school at Quang Hai.

Another question is if you've hidden your baby, why does Park Hang Seo use this Quang Hai position in Cambodia? In the park, in addition to installing the killer instinct Quang Hai midfielder, the behavior of the player is blurred. And there is a testimonial to make important decisions, before the Taliban in the AFF Cup in 2018 semi-final.

Vietnam has passed Cambodia:

Quang Hai, Phan Van Duc and Tien Linh, everyone got it, but who is the best?

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