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Elements "crumble" hundreds of millions of dollars

A three-handed table is in the center of Hanoi. Image: Dan Viet newspaper

A three-handed table is in the center of Hanoi. Image: Dan Viet newspaper

A three-handed table is in the center of Hanoi

According to data released by Dan Viet, in the Dong Mo (Hanoi) exhibition, Pham Tuong Minh (50, Hoang Mai, Hanoi) has taken care of the green table. for everyone

Mr. Pham Tuong Minh has said that little ones are called green malachites or we call the stone cob, which is covered by the walls of the great palaces of the world, such as the Kremlin and the Palace of Winter Palace.

The Earth's Rocks belong to hard rock. As rocks have a hardness of more than 5 years, the glass can not be cut, with great force, but weight is indifferent.

For more than 150 pieces, Mr. Minh has spent more than 3 years collecting 400 kg of stone and picking and collecting pieces for another half year. The work has a diameter of 70 cm, with a weight of less than 80 kg. It owns $ 500 million.

Nguyen Van Myek, president of the Rock and Stone Society of Vietnam, said that the 10-cm thickness of the table was due to the hardness of July, "so it can be said that the work is permanent, the effect of external forces, unless it is a powerful force, a harder object."

The chicken board will be paid out of hundreds of millions

According to the Californian Vietnam Quality, in recent years many merchants and collectors have hunted a "chicken board" with cold copper. The price of the table is between one and a half billion.

Antique jewelery buyers also know that chickens are properly cooled or not to separate water (200 ml of water / 1 g copper). Boiling water, chicken is cooked and boiled for 30 minutes until boiling water and chicken.

The table chicken costs from hundreds of millions. Image: Vietnamese Quality Report

The "chicken board" was paid hundreds of millions. Image: Vietnamese Quality Report

Copper smelters say that the neck is marketed, but the only table is the French production in Vietnam for the first time in 12 holes, weighing 3 kg and blocking the amount of chicken around 2 cents in cold copper. The rest is 2.5 kg and has 9 holes and 1.3 kg of 13 kg is left unused.

As regards the product's usage and exit question, the cost of the bill is that most of the goods and antiques are witches and they do not know exactly what is the use. Many people argue that the cold coin is very expensive, it is a very low thermal content that is used to eradicate the aerospace heat and to make some microchips to counteract micro-friction.

Cycling "grandparents" is worth hundreds of million

Recently at the Vietnam International Trade Fair, more than 100 countries with two-wheeled vehicles began to gather together in Malaysia, Thailand and China. National …

In addition to the prestigious brands of cars, the exhibition is worth mentioning with the Peugeot (France) collection of more than 40 cars from Hanoi's Old Cycling Club.

In the collection, the oldest car for more than 100 years, at least 40 years old cars. The price of the price depends on the type, but most of all, the most expensive sales owner of the exhibit is $ 11,000, with cars pricing more than 100 million.

An old Alcyon car was bought in the Netherlands. The car is available at $ 11,000.

Mr Nguyen Khuong, the owner of the car, said that the car uses a two-tube engine. It was purchased in 2007, it was produced in 1910. The vehicles are driven by two wheels, a very complementary bicycle.

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