Wednesday , July 6 2022

"Eyes wide wide eye", an 8-year-old boy has learned a 10-language alphabet


The contestants commented on the weekend's "brainstorm" program Tiny talent Week 4 is Le Anh Duc, 8 years old. In the slideshow, the child shows her super-fast beans. After analyzing five tips, after analyzing maps, animation characters, chemistry, linguistics and computer science knowledge, Zhengqing asked the answers that were offered to all the programs that were offered to him. baby image If Trinh Thanh wants to draw a map, Trinh Thang Binh said that people were examining too much while the entertainment solution quickly calculated.

Zhenlong wide flat eyes flat on 8 year old boy with a memorized alphabet of 10 languages ​​- Photo 1.

But all the speculative commentaries of the commentary were wrong when the talent of Anh Duc was to be learned from the alphabet. At this time, Tran Thanh and Dieu Nhi were surprised that their child's ability was something special. Everyone believes that Anh Duce can only learn 2 or 3 familiar alphabets, but it is surprising that in 10 different languages, such as Japanese, French, Hebrew, Russian, China, he commented on the board "impressed by the round eyes".

To stop, Anh Duce has said that the alphabet is self-learning and every alphabet has learned for 2-3 hours for everyone. In the end, he chose Tran Thanh-Dieu Nhi.

Check Section 5 Tiny talent The season 2 Sunday was broadcast on December 2 VTV3 – Vietnam Television.

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