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Family representatives receive an error in mediation

Speak PV AP At 28 in the morning, Mr. Ngo Minh Quan (28-year-old Lang Ha Ward, in the Dong Da district, Hanoi) lived in a car that Kia Cerato had smuggled with his grandfather, said the incident. He accepted his behavior and called for mediation, compensation and compensation for acts.

"The family's representative met me and yesterday at the headquarters of the policeman's office (February 27), after which they presented them for their apology and ill-health reasons, so that people with direct incidents did not exist" – Mr.

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When the car is attached to the body of the vehicle (picture of the given character).

Mr. According to Quan, it is not the authority to complete the scene to conduct an experiment and complete the procedures at the headquarters of the police office when the grandparents' family members appear.

Experimental results show that cars are seeing sharp blue in sharp targets. In addition, Nguyen Hong's first channel location – lies between the Thanh Cong and Lang Ha Wards (Dong Da district). Your family has parking lots without parking signals.

Authorities determine their grandfather's L. N identity, almost 70 years old, Lane 2 lives in Nguyen Hong, not as originally reported by the Cross.

Mr. Quan said: Mr. The relative of L.N's family said that the reasons were like his father, in that position many people were frustrated by the parking lot. When the family agreed to apologize and agreed to mediation.

Previously, on the evening of February 24, Ngo Minh Quan suddenly found the dashes in Kia Cerato's car. Nghi had a sneaky sniper, Quan checked the security camera next to the parking lot.

In the recorded picture, he went to the silver hair hole and was thrown into the trash. In particular, when the car approached, he touched his left hand with the car. This movement was repeated when his grandfather returned.

After dealing with this excess, Mr. When the request was notified to the authorities, asking for clarification, protecting the family's property.

Nguyen Truong

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