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Female medical center officials brutally killed

Thursday, January 31, 2019 15:35 (GMT + 7)

As a result of the conflicts, Thuan used a knife to kill the debtors in the middle of the street.

According to the initial information, the murder occurred at 15:00 hours, on January 29, at 5 km, in the Ward De Tham circle. Cao Bang (Cao Bang province). Suspects Nguyen Van Thuan (1971, Hanoi, now living in Song Hien Ward, Cao Bang City). His name is Victim (about 30 years old, living in the Tan Giang district, Cao Bang city) working at the provincial examination center – the Cao Bang Hospital Hospital).

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The school was murdered. Photo: TL

The PV's understanding process is known, Mrs. Nguyen Van Thuan's goal was € 30m. He often asked for debt, but Mrs. was not paid. For three hours, January 29, Thuanek Mrs. He asked her. There are conflicts between two people. Throughout the battle, Thuan used a knife to crush his neck to kill the victims.

Upon receiving news, the CQCA urgently investigated and detained Thuan Obus for a long time.

Speaking with PV, Mr. Phan Thai Hoc – the President of the People's Committee of De Tham Ward confirmed the incident. Show public safety in the city. Cao Bang temporarily retains the subject of research.

He revealed the route he had cut before the taxi driver My Dinh had killed

The taxi company's representative had the initial information about the route of the driver Nguyen Van Duy before his death.

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