Thursday , June 24 2021

Germany monopolized "cọt" in the leading position to vote for the final round of the AFF round the 2018 goals

Vietnam 3-0 Cambodia A AFF Cup 2018 Highlights Panel

AFF Cup 2018 final series was officially shut in the final series of the B group, last night 25/11. Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines have four tickets for the semifinals. The first leg takes place between 1 and 2/12, from 5 to 6/12.

In the last round, nothing happened. Viet Nam, Malaysian has easily won the opponents' assessment. In the same way, group B, Thailand in Singapore and the Philippines took the floods to get the next drawings.

Germany will be the sole leader of the final AFF Cup final of 2018 - final 2.

They had a spectacular goal in the last match. Home AFF Cup decided to vote for fans of the country, "voted" the goal was spectacular. Namibia Nam Nguyen Quang Hai and Phan Van Duc are mainly targeted by two Vietnam Tel candidates. Quang Ha defeated Cambodia's 2-0 with the speed of speed of Hong Duy Van Duc.

Quang Hai, Van Duc, Idlan Talaha (Malaysia) and Adisak Kraisorn (Thailand). In Du Van Duc, you can change Quang Hai's vote here.

The German national team will be the leader in the final AFF Cup final of 2018 - Photo 3.

Van Duce made a provisional survey.

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